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Case Code Case Title Case Studies Structured Assignment Teaching Notes Re-Print Permission
BBP0127IRC Managing Personality Brands: The Harry Potter Saga
BBP0125IRC James Bond and Product Placements: Marketers’ Cine Connection with the Meta Brand
BBP0123IRC GlaxoSmithKline's Rush for Branded Generic Markets: Will it be a Success?
BBP0121IRC Café Coffee Day (CCD) – An Indian Starbucks in the Making?
BBP0118IRC Brand Starbucks (B) – Regaining Its Lost Soul
BBP0117IRC Brand Starbucks (A) - Can the Brand be revitalised?
BBP0114 Oprah Winfrey's 'Celebrity Brand": Will It Work Wonders for ' The Oprah Winfrey Network'?
BBP0113 La Affaire Tiger Woods
BBP0112 Branding a Commodity: Pista House’s ‘Hyderabadi Haleem’
VCA0007 Infosys – Moving up the Value Chain
SUP0014 Jerry Yang's Exit from Yahoo!: Googling for the Right Strategy?
SCM0003 P&G's Logistics Revolution: Co-creating Value
SCJ0022 Slumdog Millionaire (A): Accolades and Acrimonies
SCJ0021 Kingfisher Airlines– Jet Airways Alliance: Competitors Turned Collaborators
RTS0132 Starbucks in US: Too Much Coffee Spilling All Over?
RTS0130 Luxury Industry in Turbulent Times
POS0017 Turner–Miditech’s Planned Launch of ‘Real’ Channel in India: Will It Succeed?
OB0009 Miramax: A Victim of Interpersonal Conflict?
OB0006 Team Building at MindTree Consulting
MM0068 Rural Marketing in India: Retailing through Microfinance Institutions

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