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Consumer Behaviour Case Study

Case Title:

Marketing Fizzy Fruit to kids: Opportunities and Challenges

Publication Year : 2007

Authors: Purvi Bhagat, Ruchi Mankad

Industry: Food, Diary and Agriculture Products


Case Code: CSB0013A

Teaching Note: Available

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Fizzy Fruit is a carbonated fruit which intensifies a particular fruit’s flavor with effervescences without altering its nutritional value. Neurobiologist Galen Kaufman with the help of a food scientist perfected the method of carbonating fruit and established the Fizzy Fruit Company in 2005. The company had the mission to promote health, wellness and fitness among children thereby reducing childhood obesity. Fizzy Fruit was launched in US in 2005 and the initial feedback was very heartening. The company made many strategic promotional tie-ups and had plans to make Fizzy Fruit available throughout US in a short time.

Worldwide, 22 million children were overweight among which the share of US was the highest. Some of the factors that had led to increasing obesity among kids in US were unhealthy eating habits, peer pressure and influence of television advertising. Marketers were increasingly targeting kids, as kids influenced the spending of over $1.88 trillion globally in 2002 and the figure was rapidly increasing. While the consumption of snack and junk food was ever increasing, many healthy and ‘good-for-you’ products were also being launched due to the rising awareness and pressure to curb obesity.

The case would initiate discussion on the future marketing strategies of The Fizzy Fruit Company to popularize Fizzy Fruit given the dynamic challenges involved in marketing to kids.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To analyse the buying behavior of kids and their growing influence in making purchase decisions
  • To debate on the role of ethics in marketing to kids
  • To discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in marketing Fizzy fruits to kids.

Keywords : The Fizzy Fruit Company, US, Kids, Changing food habits, The role of kids, Marketing Strategies Case Study, Purchase decision, Marketing to kids, Obesity, junk food, snack food, good-for-you products, packaged food, functional food, fizzolator, marketing, schools, promotions, retailing, advertisement, television


  • Fizzy Fruit
  • The Challenge
  • Changing food habits
  • The role of kids in purchase decisions
  • Marketers increasingly targeting kids
  • The course of action

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