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Consumer Behaviour Case Study

Case Title:

India’s Best Marketers: Consumer Psychologists or Marketing Wizards?

Publication Year : 2010

Authors: Kumar Gambhiraopet and Prashanth Vidya Sagar Thalluri Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary

Industry: General Business


Case Code: CSB0024

Teaching Note: Available

Structured Assignment: Available

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The premise for this case study is a simple, yet challenging question: what is the relationship between a Best Marketer and a Consumer Behaviour course? What is even more intriguing is, what does ‘best marketer’mean – for the companies and for the individuals conferredwith this award? The annual ranking of India’s best marketers (carried out by a business daily, The Economic Times and a business magazine, Business Today) over the last 5 years has presented some very notable facets (rather, they became noticeable!) of new age Indian marketing wizards. What are they credited for? Is it for their street smart marketing skills or is it for their extraordinary ability to get through the Indian consumer’s psyche? In the backdrop of these questions, the case study navigates through India’s best marketers over the last 5 years and what they were recognised for?

The Indian business environment is volatile and is reckonedwith huge diversity. Everyday complemented with a new product, it makes every hour of the consumer a unique experience. In this scenario, some of the questions that haunt the new age marketer are: what does a consumer want? What does the market provide the consumer? When the market is flooded with yet another me-too product, how can you create a new customer? Breaking this clutter, the business environment of India witnessed brilliant marketers. They changed the rules of marketing and attained the accolades of ‘BestMarketers’. These marketers redefined the strategies and the channels of marketing. They gave a new meaning to the 4Ps and the STP strategies.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To compare and contrast India’s ‘Best Marketers’ over the last 5 years and highlight the best practices that could be imbibed from them
  • To build a relationship between India’s best marketers over the last 5 years and the nature of industry and its driving force. most valuable companies in India (correlation); market share and market capitalisation, etc.; Top 100 brands in the country and brand equity
  • To analyse the critical success factors behind India’s best marketers in terms of :
    a. Ability to read the target consumer behaviour better than their counterparts
    b. Street smartmarketing skills
  • To have a debate on, what does having a best marketer mean for the company.

Keywords : Consumer Behavior, Best Marketers, India’s Best Marketers, Indian Marketers and Indian Consumers, Best Brands, Best Brands Vs Best Marketers, Brand Equity Vs Best Marketers, Consumer Behavior and Best Marketers, Best Marketers and Consumer Behavior, Market Share and Best Marketers, Marketing Vs Selling, The New Age Marketers, The New Age Indian Marketers, , John Sculley, Steve Jobs, Samsung Electronics, AitTel, IPL, Mahindra & Mahindra


  • Best Marketers and Their Best Practices: A Sneak Peek
  • Breaking the Clutter Exploring the Cult'ure
  • Sell the Fabulous Experience…Not the Products!
  • It's the Service and Distribution that Surpass the Credit of the Product
  • The Hunter strategy
  • Best Marketing Ad'diction!

  • Best Marketers' Selection Criteria: Any Criteria for Selection?
  • Best Marketers or Graduates from Hogwarts?
  • Are all Marketers Liars?
  • Marketers are not Diversified in Exploring India’s Diversity
  • Best Marketer sans Brand Equity?
  • Do Indian Marketers Think Differently?
  • (Mis)fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

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