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Case Title:

Reebok vs Nike in India: Reebok’s Covert Marketing Strategies

Publication Year : 2009

Authors: Shreya Tantia & Priti Krishnan

Industry: Sports and Sports Related


Case Code: MKS0120

Teaching Note: Available

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This case, set in 2009, attempts to explore how to retain market dominance in sportswear market by not doing the obvious. The entry of foreign players into the Indian sportswear industry post-liberalisation brought in a new sophistication, and increased brand awareness among the Indian sportswear customers. In an intensively competitive environment, Reebok and Nike emerged as sportswear giants. However, in spite of Nike being the No. 1 sportswear company in the world, Reebok swayed away with the lion's share of the Indian market. Among others, Reebok’s prime strategy was to associate itself with the cricket frenzy Indians. While Nike was wasting dollars on promoting its brand through international sports persons, Reebok roped in top Indian cricket players to endorse its brand. Realising the importance of localising its brand, in December 2005, Nike won the bid to supply official kit to the Indian cricket team. In spite of this, Reebok grabbed the attention of cricket viewers across India by placing its logo on the bats of the Indian cricket players. While the case gives an insight into the factors that made Reebok’s marketing strategies successful, it also questions whether Nike will be able to gain leadership position in Indian market.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the evolution, growth and sophistication of Indian sportswear market
  • To contrast and debate over Reebok and Nike’s marketing strategies in India
  • To understand the applicability of covert marketing strategies in an intensely competitive market
  • To suggest ways and means for Nike to gain a formidable market position and debate over whether it’s possible for Nike to be the market leader with maximum market share in the Indian sportswear market.

Keywords : Competition, Competitive strategy, Covert marketing, Ambush Marketing, Marketing, Postioning, Branding, Market Leader, Reebok, Nike, Adidas,India, Sportswear, 4Ps


  • Indian Sportswear Industry
  • Reebok vs Nike in India
  • Reebok's Covert Marketing Strategies

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