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Innovation and New Product Development Case Study

Case Title:

Herman Miller: Designing Furniture for Office Comfort

Publication Year : 2006

Authors: Mohamed Mueen, Swapna Gopalan

Industry: Home Appliances and Personal Care Products


Case Code: IPD0031B

Teaching Note: Not Available

Structured Assignment: Not Available

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Herman Miller Inc., the second biggest office furniture company in the US, launched a new product, a cubicle-variant of office furniture system called ‘My Studio Environment’ at the NeoCon World Trade Fair in June 2006. The cubical-variant, designed by Douglas Ball, went on to win the coveted NeoCon 2006 Best of Competition award and the Gold Award in the Furniture Systems Category, in the 17th annual NeoCon Awards function where more than 1,200 companies exhibited their products.

Herman Miller believed that their product was a new reference point for progressive, productive workplaces, designed specifically to attract and support knowledge workers. The competition had proved that My Studio was a successful innovation. Yet, the commercial success of the product remained to be seen. Also, the bigger question was, could products like ‘My studio’ be helpful in countering the expected shortages of knowledge workers?

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To understand the role of ergonomics in retaining and attracting employees.

Keywords : Herman Miller; Office; Furniture; My Studio; Environment; Work place; knowledge; Workers; Neo Con awards; Behaviour; Organisation; Work station; Cubicle; Cubicle-variant; Innovation Management Case Study; Doudlas Ball; Psychology; Employees


  • Introduction
  • Office Furniture Industry in the US
  • Herman Miller Inc.
  • Workplace Environment and Productivity

  • Why 'My Studio Environment?'
  • The Design of 'My Studio Environment'
  • Conclusion

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