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Case Title:

Destination Dubai: Building a Brand

Publication Year : 2004

Authors: Daksha Bhat, T. Phani Madhav

Industry: Leisure and Tourism

Region:United Arab Emirates

Case Code: BBP0001

Teaching Note: Available

Structured Assignment: Available

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Dubai has evolved from an entrepôt-trading centre to a leading tourism destination and transhipment hub. The Dubai International airport, Dubai Duty Free and Emirates Airline, which are all owned by the government, focus on promoting Dubai through extensive advertising and innovative promotions. Substantial investments have been made, in creating attractions such as, the tallest hotel, the richest horse race, the largest manmade archipelago. Using various means to reach its target audiences, including events that bring in celebrities and the international media, Dubai is able to attract an increasing number of visitors. Tax free zones have been created to attract foreign companies and investors to Dubai. The success in the tourism sector is being leveraged to diversify into technology, finance and commerce, and Dubai is now also being promoted as an exceptional place to live and do business.

Pedagogical Objectives:

  • To discuss the integrated promotion strategies used to create the global awareness of Dubai as an outstanding tourist destination, and the success in spite of Arabic cultural restrictions and the conflicts in the region
  • To discuss the creation of an umbrella brand, Dubai, driven by two major sub brands, Dubai Duty Free and Emirates, and a brand portfolio spread across tourism, sports and the retail sector
  • To discuss the application of similar strategies to establish Dubai as a modern commercial hub.

Keywords : Branding strategy, Government and Business Environment Case Study,Promotion, Sponsorship, Positioning, Marketing, Umbrella brand, Sub brand, Brand portfolio, Brand associations, Business Environment Case Study,Brand experience, Dubai Duty Free, Emirates Airlines


  • Introduction
  • From trade to tourism
  • The desert miracle
  • Building beyond
  • Broadening the base

  • Rulers of Dubai - The Maktoum Family
  • Sporting Events
  • Promotions and Campaigns
  • Airport Awards
  • The Free Zones

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