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Case Title:

Tata Tea’s Jaago Re! Campaign: The Social-Cause Marketing Initiatives and Long-term Branding Initiatives

Publication Year :  2010

Authors: R. Naga Sandhya, P. Girija

Industry: Not Applicable


Case Code: MM0063

Teaching Note: Available

Structured Assignment: Available


This case study primarily deals with Tata Tea’s Social-Cause Marketing (SCM) initiative, Jaago Re! (Wake Up) campaign and can be used for debating and discussing on, at what stage of the brand life cycle, companies can take up SCM programmes. Tata Tea’s initial advertising campaigns primarily communicated the physical and functional aspects of the brand like packaging, freshness, taste, energy, etc. However, after attaining market leadership (in terms of volume share), Tata Tea elevated its communication efforts to the self-actualisation level and positioned itself as a catalyst for social-awakening, through Jaago Re! campaign. As part of this campaign, Tata Tea aired commercials on social problems – corruption, bad roads, irresponsible politicians, etc. The case study deals with issues like: What has been the impact of this campaign on the brand's image, customer loyalty, sales, etc.? Can this campaign help Tata Tea brand maintain its market leadership in the long run? Is there a need for prominent social problems to be endorsed by powerful brands to bring desired change?

Pedagogical Objective:

  • To critically analyse and debate on at what stage of brand life cycle does it make sense for any company to come out of its traditional advertising model (highlighting the usual, emotional and physical characters of the product/brand) and focus on intellectual and self-actualisation issues
  • To understand Tata Tea’s SCM initiatives – The Jaago Re! campaign – and establish the relationship between these initiatives and the long-term branding initiatives of Tata Tea
  • To help clarify the difference between social marketing initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  • To discuss and debate on the possible future of ‘socially relevant’ themes that Tata Tea can possibly integrate into its social marketing initiatives campaign.

Keywords : Social Cause Marketing, Cause Related Marketing, Social Marketing, Brand Life Cycle Strategies, Scope for Social Cause Marketing, Tata Jaago Re!, Corporate Social Responsibility Vs Social Cause Marketing, Brand Communication Strategies, Marketing Communication Strategies, Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies, Brands and Social Cause Marketing, Social Cause Marketing in India, Building a Brand Around Social Causes, Tata Tea's Market Positioning


  • Brands, Brand Life Cycles and Cause-Related Marketing Initiatives
    • Evolution of Cause-Related Marketing: Role of Global Brands
    • CRM in India: Role of Indian Brands
  • Tata Tea's Jaago Re! Campaign: The Payoffs - Tata Tea: Building a Brand
  • Elevating the Tata Tea Brand through Jaago Re! Campaign
  • Tata Tea's Social Marketing Initiatives: The Possible Themes and the Possible Problems

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