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1301. Boston Scientific vs Johnson & Johnson: Battle for the Stent Market cart
1302. Samsung Electronics:Mr. Yun’s Efforts for Upscale Image cart
1303. Vodafone’s Branding Dilemma in India cart
1304. Southwest Airlines: Generating Competitive Advantage through Human Resources Management cart
1305. Ambuja Cements: Weighted Average Cost of Capital cart
1306. Gap Inc.`s Declining Apparel Sales in Europe:Style or Substance? cart
1307. Corporatisation of Indian Film Financing in India: Best Practices from Hollywood cart
1308. Change in Product Layout Leads to Profitability: A Case Study for DSPL cart
1309. N. Chandrasekaran@TCS: Leadership with Intrapreneurship cart
1310. Microsoft: Reshaping HR Strategies cart
1311. Bank of America – FleetBoston Merger cart
1312. Nitu’s Business School Selection: Riding on an Indifference Curve cart
1313. A Small Peek into Big B’s Car Collections: Does Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Hold Good? cart
1314. Suzlon Energy: Financing Problems cart
1315. Mexican Telecom Industry: (Un)wanted Monopoly? cart
1316. Hollywood in Bombay – Bollywood in Beverly Hills: Indian Film Industry’s New Global Value Chain cart
1317. Perfect Competition under eBay: A Fact or a Factoid? cart
1318. Subway in 2006 cart
1319. Corporate Communication,The Toyota Way cart
1320. Health Hazards Battles of IBM cart
1321. Suzlon Energy: Financing Problems cart
1322. Tata Steel’s External Commercial Borrowings: The Payoffs cart
1323. Evaluation of Capital Investment Projects cart
1324. Hindalco’s Rights Issue: India’s Largest Rights Issue Fiasco cart
1325. Indian Financial System: A Young Entrepreneur's Dilemmas cart
1326. Unilever Limited: Transforming the Finance ‘Function’ cart
1327. Communicating In Crisis Times: Lessons from Barack Obama cart
1328. Microsoft in China: The Partnering Success cart
1329. Telecom Industry in China: The Metamorphosis cart
1330. IBM’s Growth Strategies in India cart
1331. Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International: The Spin-off Decision cart
1332. Carlson Wagonlit Travel: The Growth Strategies cart
1333. Merge Healthcare Incorporated’s Accounting Scandal: Was the Rightsizing Right? cart
1334. Sharp: Building Competitive Advantage through Innovation cart
1335. Honda in China cart
1336. Vodafone’s Branding Dilemma in India cart
1337. Location of a Production Facility cart
1338. Mobile Telephony in India: Would Cheaper Rates Bring More Profits? cart
1339. Bharati Airtel vs Reliance Communications: Managing Working Capital cart
1340. Direct-to-Home (DTH) in India: Direct to Loss? cart
1341. Mozilla: Microsoft IE’s Challenger cart
1342. Novel Foods’ Change in Operations Strategy: Competitiveness at Stake cart
1343. Vodafone’s Strategic Move in Indian Telecom Market cart
1344. Chinese State-Owned Enterprises: The Challenges cart
1345. Tata’s Nano Project: Capital Investment Lessons cart
1346. Harley-Davidson: Making of the Cult Brand and After cart
1347. Promoting Prius in US cart
1348. EADS in America: The Competitive Strategies cart
1349. New Age Indian Entrepreneurs cart
1350. Indian Call Centers (B): Addressing Employee Attrition cart
1351. Renault in Romania: Prospects and Challenges cart
1352. OPEC The Economics of a Cartel (B) cart
1353. Young An Hat Co: The World's Largest Hatmaker's Growth Strategies cart
1354. Yamaha Motor Corporation's Diversification Strategies cart
1355. Paul Newman – At the Vanguard of Business Philanthropy cart
1356. Shell’s Global Social Responsibility Initiatives cart
1357. Philip Morris’ Social Responsibility Initiatives: For Whose Good? cart
1358. Corporate Role in Sustainable Development: A Case of Novartis cart
1359. Alitalia: The Airline in Trouble cart
1360. Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance in ‘The Best Companies to Work for’ in India cart
1361. Obesity Concerns: McDonald’s Initiatives cart
1362. Gender Discrimination at Merrill Lynch cart
1363. Venture Philanthropy: The “Marketization” of Civil Society? cart
1364. Midlife career: Career Stages and Managing Confusions cart
1365. IKEA in Japan: The Market Re-entry Strategies cart
1366. Allen & Co.: People as Profit Centers cart
1367. IKEA in Japan: The Market Re-entry Strategies cart
1368. USA’s Banking Industry’s Growth Strategies: CitiGroup’s Unconventional Wisdom cart
1369. Roche in China in 2006 cart
1370. US Airways: The Tryst with Bankruptcy cart
1371. GM`s Employee Separation Plan: Overwhelming Response from Employees cart
1372. The Low-Carb Trend – Death Knell for American Pasta Companies? cart
1373. Credit Cards – Boon or Bane: An insight into Customer’s Choice: Are We in Savings Management or Expenditure Management? cart
1374. Subway in 2006 cart
1375. The Demise of Detroit : Why the Big Three Lost cart
1376. Samsung in India cart
1377. Vodafone’s Strategic Move in Indian Telecom Market cart
1378. News Corporation’s Acquisition of Directv: A Strategic Fit? cart
1379. Reinventing HP with Mark Hurd cart
1380. HP's New CEO, Mark Hurd: The New Imperatives cart
1381. Donald J. Trump – Promoter Non Pareil cart
1382. Executive Pay Package: A Study of Demand and Supply cart
1383. Dell's Service Business: Duplicating the Low-Cost PC Model cart
1384. The Virgin Group in 2005 cart
1385. Fast-Food Retailers in the US: Still Going the Trans-Fat Way? cart
1386. Albertsons’ Competitive Strategies cart
1387. Renault in Romania: Prospects and Challenges cart
1388. Indian Auto Component Industry cart
1389. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.: Will it be able to Turnaround? cart
1390. Corporate Governance Problems at Seibu, Japan's Major Private Railway: Board to be Blamed? cart
1391. Canada: A Hotbed of Telemarketing Frauds cart
1392. Challenging Times of Japan Tobacco cart
1393. Mobile Telephony in India: Would Cheaper Rates Bring More Profits? cart
1394. US Financial Crisis: Effects on Global Banking cart
1395. Apple’s iPod: Product Development and Extension Strategies cart
1396. Renault in Romania: Prospects and Challenges cart
1397. Running a Board: The Reuters' Way cart
1398. Tata’s Nano: A Small Car with Large Consumer Surplus? cart
1399. Corporate Role in Sustainable Development: A Case of Novartis cart
1400. Miramax: A Victim of Interpersonal Conflict? cart


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