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401. The Appreciating Canadian Dollar: The Implications for Canadian Economy cart
402. AmorePacific: Creating Global Brands cart
403. Sridhar Vembu and AdventNet Inc.’s Zoho: Michael Dell of Software Industry cart
404. Starbucks in Germany cart
405. Child Labor in Cocoa Industry: Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives cart
406. Promoting Prius in US cart
407. Mexican Telecom Industry: (Un)wanted Monopoly? cart
408. Blockbuster Acquires Movielink: A Growth Strategy? cart
409. Employee Engagement Employer and Employee’s Delight cart
410. UK’s Sterling Appreciation: The External Factors cart
411. Students’ Educational Loans: Bank Manager’s Dilemmas on Repayment Probabilities cart
412. Priya’s Probability of Getting into a B-School cart
413. Tyco International Ltd.: The Revival Strategies cart
414. The Making of 'The Da Vinci Code': The Recipe for Blockbuster? cart
415. Siemens Saddled with Scandals (A): Doubts over German Board Structure cart
416. Gourmet’s Fantasy: Implementing Customer-Oriented Approach cart
417. Spicejet: Dedicated to Serve Customers with Excellence cart
418. Novel Foods’ Change in Operations Strategy: Competitiveness at Stake cart
419. The Marketing of Barack Obama cart
420. Honda Motor Company cart
421. Campus Recruitment of Regular MBAs vs Executive MBAs (Lateral Recruitment): Corporate Dilemmas cart
422. A Small Peek into Big B’s Car Collections: Does Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Hold Good? cart
423. National Income Accounting: A Case Study of China cart
424. Behaviour Modification and Learning Systems at Chocó-Delight cart
425. P&G’s ‘Design Thinking’ Initiative: The Innovation Lessons cart
426. Telecom Industry in China: The Metamorphosis cart
427. Caribbean Sugar: Implications of European Connection cart
428. KFC in China cart
429. The Marketing of Barack Obama cart
430. Smoking: A Costly Affair Now? cart
431. Microsoft in China: The Partnering Success cart
432. The Marketing of Barack Obama cart
433. Indian Financial System: A Young Entrepreneur's Dilemmas cart
434. Nitu’s Business School Selection: Riding on an Indifference Curve cart
435. The Dilemma of Discounts: GM’s Bid for Market Share cart
436. Gillette’s Challenges and Strategic Responses cart
437. IKEA in Japan: The Market Re-entry Strategies cart
438. Advertising in China : Threats and Opportunities cart
439. P&G’s ‘Design Thinking’ Initiative: The Innovation Lessons cart
440. Evaluation of GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL) cart
441. Volkswagen: Bernd Pischetsrieder’s Turnaround Efforts cart
442. Philanthropy to Corporate Social Responsibility: Coke’s Initiatives cart
443. OPEC: The Economics of a Cartel (A) cart
444. Corporate Communication,The Toyota Way cart
445. SSS’s Experiment: Choosing an Appropriate Research Design cart
446. New Product Design Experiment at iConnect cart
447. Online Advertising: The Emerging Phenomenon cart
448. Executive Pay Package: A Study of Demand and Supply cart
449. “Nike and Apple: A Successful Partnership?” cart
450. Wal-Mart`s Bid for Trust-Mart: Consolidating Presence in China cart
451. Public Private Partnership in Rajasthans1 Health Sector Outsourcing Diagnostic Services cart
452. Competency Mapping at ‘The Kolkata Glory’ cart
453. Samsung Electronics:Mr. Yun’s Efforts for Upscale Image cart
454. DLF Ltd.: Working Capital Analysis cart
455. Lifebuoy in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies cart
456. Inventory Management through ABC Analysis – A Case Study for Super Sounds Inc. cart
457. Location of a Production Facility cart
458. Maruti Metal Works: Evaluation of Project using PERT cart
459. Bill Drayton’s “Ashoka”: The Social Entrepreneur’s “Social Enterprise” cart
460. GlaxoSmithkline Plc. : Scouting for Growth Avenues cart
461. Fall of Mayur Hypermarket: Significance of Business Research cart
462. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.: Warren Buffet's Investment Philosophy cart
463. Sears-Kmart Merger: The Potential Synergies cart
464. HVB's Merger with UniCredito: The Strategic Fit cart
465. Esquel’s Vertical Integration cart
466. GM`s Employee Separation Plan: Overwhelming Response from Employees cart
467. Dilemma of Garner Fertilisers: Applying Relevance and Irrelevance Capital Structure Theories cart
468. Infosys Technologies: Dividend History and Market cart
469. The Marketing of Barack Obama cart
470. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories: Financial Forecasting cart
471. US Financial Crisis: Is Credit Card Debacle in the Making? cart
472. Leadership Conundrum: Nike After Knight cart
473. Coca-Cola – Contentious Overseas Business Practices cart
474. Kodak: Fading Moments in Digital Photography cart
475. Best Buy's 'Customer Centricity' Model: The Segmented Stores cart
476. Harley-Davidson: Market Entry Strategies in India cart
477. Allen & Co.: People as Profit Centers cart
478. Dell’s diversification strategies cart
479. BP - John Browne Bets on Asia: The Strategic Logic cart
480. Renault in Romania: Prospects and Challenges cart
481. Insurance Australia Group: Expansion Strategies cart
482. ICICI into Universal Banking cart
483. Humana Inc: Turnaround of a Health Insurer cart
484. Consumer’s Perception on Inverters in India: A Factor Analysis Case cart
485. Evaluation of GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL) cart
486. Schick – A Strong No.2? cart
487. Colgate-Palmolive: Leadership Style of Reuben Mark cart
488. Personality: Who is Responsible? cart
489. Designing an Organisational Culture: Tony Hsieh Wrapping Zappos’ Organisational Culture? cart
490. NCsoft: The World’s Largest Independent Online Game Company’s Growth Strategy cart
491. Consumer’s Perception on Inverters in India: A Factor Analysis Case cart
492. Demand Forecasting of Magic Foods using Multiple Regression Analysis Technique cart
493. Assessment of Retail Credit in a Private Bank with the help of ‘Discriminant Analysis’ cart
494. Saturn Clothing Company: Measuring Customer Satisfaction using Likert Scaling cart
495. NYTimes: Diversifying Online Revenue cart
496. UCB: Expanding through Unrelated Diversification cart
497. Demand Forecasting of Magic Foods using Multiple Regression Analysis Technique cart
498. N. Chandrasekaran@TCS: Leadership with Intrapreneurship cart
499. US Airways: The Tryst with Bankruptcy cart
500. Microsoft: Reshaping HR Strategies cart


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