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Microsoft Vs. Windows
Home Depot: Nardelli’s Challenge
Emirates: The Ambitions and Challenges
Imagi International Holdings Ltd (HK): The Growth Dilemmas
Kinetic Group (India): Gearing up for the Future
Bharat Petroleum: Way Forward
Hewlett Packard’s Biggest Threat: Its Corporate Clarity
Indian Oil Companies’ Race for Self-reliance: Risks and Rewards
McDonald’s Menu: Makeover or Make-up?
Bloomberg’s Dilemma: Growth or Sale?
Microsoft’s Biggest Threat: Microsoft’s Success
Unocal’s Embattled Strategy: A Soft Takeover Target?
Orascom: The Egyptian Conglomerate's Expansion Strategies
Sony's Failed Synergies: Bad Strategy or Bad Management?
Apple's New Operating System, 'Tiger': Leveraging on the Success of iPod?
Starbucks’ Music (Mis?)adventure
Google’s Grand Moves: Are they Strategic?
McDonald’s McCafé: The Re-imaging Efforts
Nissan in America: The Troubled Strategy
'Global Vision 2010': Toyota's Strategic Initiatives
Aditya Birla Group under Kumar Mangalam Birla:Can he Manage the Mandate?
FedEx, the US Express Parcel Carrier: Rationale behind its Strategic (non)Expansion
Philips Electronics NV: Weighing the Strategic Options for Semiconductor Division
National Pride vs Business Logic: Alitalia's Strategy within a Strategy
Disney in the Digital Age: Profiting from New Media Platforms
eBay Celebrating Tenth Anniversary: The Challenges Ahead
Rack and Pinion Software Solutions: System Development Life Cycle Deliberation
Microsoft’s Entry Into Antivirus Industry
Porsche's Investment in Volkswagen: Moving Away from 911?
Reforms at Bombay Stock Exchange, Asia's Oldest Stock Exchange - The Competitive Strategies
Royal Charter Review: BBC's Radical Overhaul?
The Dilemma of Discounts: GM’s Bid for Market Share
Merck In 2003
Philips: Restructuring to Make Things Better
Telstra, The Australian Telecommunications Company: CEO Sol Trujillo's 'Transformational' Strategic Plan
U.S. Fiscal Deficit
MERCK – The Cost of Going Alone
Samsung Electronics:Mr. Yun’s Efforts for Upscale Image
Morningstar Inc.: The US Fund Rating Leader’s Credibility at Stake?
NESTLE: The Organizational Transformation
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