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`Google Classroom`: The India Challenge
BPCL’s Buyout of Oman Oil’s stake in BORL
Equitas Small Finance Bank - IPO
Options Strategies for a Volatile Market
Flipkart Acquires a Stake in Birla Fashion
Training & Development Effectiveness at Big Bazaar
Financial Feasibility Analysis of Shale Gas Extraction
Reliance JIO: Leadership Strategy in the Indian Telecom Sector
SSAB Calls off Plan to acquire TATA Steel Netherlands BV
P&G India`s Inclusive HR Policies
Options Strategies for a Bullish Market
Lijjat Papad: Balancing Lives and Livelihood of Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 Pandemic and Portfolio Value at Risk
Livelihood Business Incubator–The V3 HUB Experience
Lyo Florals–Preserving Memories Forever
BIBA–Dressing the Women of Urban India
Customer Retention through Loyalty Program at Greenply Industries
Uber: A Rough Road Ahead?
Bonus Issue by Indian Energy Exchange
Digital Email Campaign for `Bravo`: Facility Management Software at EDPSoft
The Sri Lankan Economic Crisis – What Went Wrong?
Crude Oil Market and the Law of Supply
Service Innovation at Amazon India
Debt Fund Crisis at Franklin Templeton – Can it Bounce Back?
Depreciation Accounting at HIEML
GST on Textiles in India: Who will Bell the Cat?
Jockey in India – Riding through Opportunities and Challenges in the Indian Innerwear Market
India`s Moon Mission Chandrayaan-3: From Failure to Success
Clash of Political Leadership Styles: Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton
Effective Wisdom and Leadership Development: A Case of BBC
Grooming Future Leaders: The Infosys Way
Howard Stringer's Strategies: Can they Prevent Sony from Turning into a Corporate Dinosaur?
Leadership Re-organisation: Wipro's Co-CEO Model
Leadership Transition at SAP: Testing Time for Leo Apotheker
Reinventing Hewlett Packard with Mark Hurd
Reinvigorating Motorola: The New co-CEO's Daunting Task
Sears – Can Edward Lampert Save It?
Wendy's: Can New Owner Triarc give it a Successful Makeover?
Apple Computer Inc. After Steve Jobs: The Succession Dilemma
Exit of Bill Gates: Future of Microsoft
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