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Branding a Commodity: Pista House’s ‘Hyderabadi Haleem’
India’s Best Marketers: Consumer Psychologists or Marketing Wizards?
Indian Consumer Market: India Emerges, Indian Consumers Surge
Microsoft-Yahoo! Mega Deal: Competing for Competition with Google?
Cemex’s Cost of ‘Globalised’ Growth – The Cash Crunch?
Facebook : An Online Maketing Tool?
Terrorist Attack on the Taj Mahal Palace & Towers, Mumbai: Crisis Communication Strategies
Bajaj Auto: Evaluating the Working Capital Requirements
Dilemma of Garner Fertilisers: Applying Relevance and Irrelevance Capital Structure Theories
The Popularity of Assembled Personal Computers in India
Competition Laws in China and India: Dragon’s divergence and Elephants convergence
Trade Deficits, Current Account Deficits and Exchange Rates in US: The Policy Implications
Grooming Next-Generation Leaders: The Infosys Way
Social Networking: Threatening the Monster and Its Likes?
New Age Indian Entrepreneurs
Bear Stearns Collapse: Lessons from the Sub-Prime Crisis
Economic Crisis 2008: Showing Deflationary Blues?
Exotic Financial Derivatives: The Root Cause of US Financial Disaster
Impact of Global Economic Downturn on Airport Retailing
Indonesia ---- Heading for Another Crisis?
Is Leadership Responsible for 2008 Financial Services Meltdown?
Meltdown in Iceland: Biggest Casualty of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
Resurgence of Russian Economy: Can it sustain?
Sub-Prime Crisis: Will Chinese Dragon be impinged similar to US economy?
Microsoft's 'Mojave' Experiment: Image Makeover of Vista with Stealth Marketing?
Ringing Youngsters – Virgin's Distinctive Market Segmentation in India
Tesco in China: Opportunities and Challenges
Tesco in Japan – Experimenting with Retail Formats
Tesco's Big Plans To Enter Indian Retail
Virgin Mobile's Entry Strategies in India
Vogue in India: The Market Entry Strategy
3G War: Consolidation in Chinese Telecom Sector
Acquisition of Prestige Brands by Tata Motors: The Challenges
Aditya Birla Acquisition of ASCIL: A Shortcut Entry into Retail Broking?
Alcatel Lucent: Merger on the Rocks
AOL's Acquisition of Bebo: Can it regain its Lost Glory?
Rural Marketing in India: Retailing through Microfinance Institutions
Global Footprints of the Indian MNC, Marico: The 3L Strategy
Reality Shows in India and Colors Channel's National Bingo Night: Abhishek Bachchan's Aaraam Classes
La Affaire Tiger Woods
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