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Domino's Master Franchise Model
PfizerWorks: New Outsourcing Model to Improve Employee Productivity
Environmental Sustainability at Wipro: 'Green IT' and 'IT for Green'
Best Buy's Supply Chain Management Practices - A Customer-Centric Approach to Business
IKEA's Cost Efficient Supply Chain
Spring Airlines: China's Low-cost Airline
Supply Chain Management Practices at Nokia Corporation
Dyson Appliances Ltd. and its Approach to Innovation
Cochin International Airport Limited A Case of Public - Private Partnership (B)
Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Hewlett-Packard Company (A): Addressing Climate Change Concerns
Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
Velib’: Paris's Public Bike Sharing System
Cross-docking Helps JCPenney Reduce Materials Handling and Make Logistics More Efficient
Supply Chain Management at Airbus - Implementing RFID Technology
Sakhalin-1 Project: Delivering Excellence in Project Execution
Supply Chain Restructuring at Sainsbury’ Supermarkets Limited
Toyota Motor Company: Losing its Quality Edge?
Innovation @ MAS Holdings: Becoming a Preferred Sourcing Partner for Global Fashion Brands
Apple Inc.`s Returns Management Practices
Harley-Davidson`s Just-in-Time (JIT) Journey
Operations Management at Maruti Udyog
Gujarat Ambuja - Cost Leader in the Indian Cement Industry
Operations Management at Tata Motors
Operations Management at Southwest Airlines
Need for Project Management
Implementing Risk Management Program
Scheduling the Project Activities
The Concorde Project - A Technical Engineering Triumph but a Commercial Disaster
The Delhi Metro Project: Effective Project Management in the Indian Public Sector
Millau Viaduct: Creating an Engineering Marvel
The Burj Dubai Project: A Symbol of Economic Strength or a Monument to Hubris?
Reducing Project Duration
Google's Problems in China
Mercosur - Changing Course?
Gazprom - Naftogaz Ukrainy Dispute: Business Or Politics?
Labor Market Reforms in France and the Job Law 'CPE' - A Lost Opportunity
Microsoft EU Antitrust Case
Bolivia Nationalizes the Oil and Gas Sector
Wind Energy Industry in the US and Canada: A Note on the Regulatory Environment
Singapore: Past Perfect, Future Tense?
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