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1201. Troubled Carmaker Chrysler (B): Can Robert Nardelli Resurrect the Company? cart
1202. Troubled Carmaker Chrysler (A): Can Cerberus be its Holy Grail? cart
1203. Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International: The Spin-off Decision cart
1204. Google’s Orkut in Brazil: What’s So Social About It? cart
1205., The Indian Social Networking Start-up: Differentiating with the Bottom of the Pyramid cart
1206. Bottom of the Pyramid: Companies and B-Schools explore to exploit? cart
1207. Strategic Alliances in automobile Industry (C): The Fialt-GM Alliance cart
1208. Strategic Alliances in automobile Industry (B): The Fialt-GM Alliance cart
1209. Google vs (D) Google’s Alliance Strategy in China cart
1210. Strategic Alliances in the Automobile Industry (A): The Example of Fiat-GM cart
1211. Xerox Corporation – A New Corporate Identity? cart
1212. Lowe's Companies, Inc.: Will its EPM Strategies Payoff in Canada? cart
1213. Yum! Brand’s Turnaround Strategy cart
1214. Hybrid Digital Radio, an upgrade to terrestrial radio: Will it bring back the listeners? cart
1215. Circuit City's Turnaround Strategies: Can the ex-Numero Uno Bounce Back? cart
1216. Starbucks Suffers: Schultz Returns cart
1217. Motorola – Losing its ‘Razr’s’ Edge cart
1218. New Fiat 500: Revival of a Heritage Brand cart
1219. Fox Business Network (FBN) – Talking Business to the Common Man? cart
1220. Viacom 18’s Colors channel in India: Colorful Market Entry and Positioning Strategies cart
1221. Capsule Hotels: A Case of Reverse Positioning cart
1222. Efficient Project Management at TransWorks Information Services Pvt. Ltd., an Indian-based BPO Company cart
1223. Menlo Innovations: A New Approach to Workplace & Project Management cart
1224. Supply Chain Practices of Three European Apparel Companies: Zara, H&M and Benetton cart
1225. Tesco's 'Steering Wheel' - A Tool for Strategic Value Creation and Business Transformation cart
1226. H&M's Supply Chain Management Practices cart
1227. Benetton's 'Dual Supply Chain' System cart
1228. Foreign Currency Reserves in Emerging Economies: Inflationary Pressures cart
1229. Apple Inc.'s iPhone: Can iPhone Maintain its Initial Momentum? cart
1230. Improving Sales Force Effectiveness: Bayer's Experiment with New Technology cart
1231. Exubera Fiasco: What Went Wrong? cart
1232. Exubera Fiasco: What Went Wrong? cart
1233. Kleenex: The Saga of a Super Brand cart
1234. Destination Marketing: Tourism Australia's Controversial Campaign cart
1235. Johnson & Johnson's 'Camp Baby': Great Customer Relationship Management or Public Relations Fiasco? cart
1236. Qube: Market Development for Digital Cinema cart
1237. Public Relations at Microsoft cart
1238. The Computer is Personal Again': A Global Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign cart
1239. Coaching A Sales Team cart
1240. Pfizer Inc.'s Lipitor: The Celebrity Endorsement Controversy cart
1241. Perfetti Van Melle: Marketing Mentos in India cart
1242. Pabst Brewing Company: The Classic Revival of the 'Pabst Blue Ribbon' Brand cart
1243. Nokia Corporation: Reversing the Decline in Brand Value cart
1244. Pricing it Right: Three Caselets in Pricing cart
1245. Treading on that Fine Line?: Caselets in Marketing Ethics cart
1246. Launching iPhone: Apple's Entry into the Mobile Phone Market cart
1247. What's in a Name? Lessons from Three Rebranding Exercises in India cart
1248. UTI Bank to AXIS Bank: A Corporate Rebranding Exercise cart
1249. Crisis Management: Dealing with a Product Crisis cart
1250. Body Shop Brand: Repositioning to Target the 'Masstige' Segment and Impact of its Acquisition by L'Oréal cart
1251. Wal-Mart’s ‘Think Global, Act Local’ – Can ‘Americanisation’ Have its Way? cart
1252. Bionade Soda (A): Marketing Challenges for an Innovative Brand cart
1253. Unilever's Digital Media Strategy cart
1254. Cisco in Emerging Markets (B): Market Entry Strategies in Middle East and African Countries cart
1255. Pond’s Foray into the Premium Segment – Will the ‘Miracle’ Work? cart
1256. Mattel in China – ‘The Outsourcing and the Recall’ cart
1257. Wal-Mart in India: Can it be the Messiah of Indian Farmers? cart
1258. Harley-Davidson: Market Entry Strategies in India cart
1259. Barclays’ Entry into India: Strategies and Prospects cart
1260. Trade Blocs, Free Trade Agreements and Preferential Trade Agreements: The New Drivers of World Trade cart
1261. US Financial Crisis: Is this Great Depression II in the making? cart
1262. Chinese State-owned Enterprises – Redefining the Role of Government in Business cart
1263. The Cerberus Deal – The Beginning of a New Era for Chrysler cart
1264. Acquires Newsvine: A New Direction cart
1265. eBay: Rethinking Skype cart
1266. Tata Steel’s Acquisition of Corus: Was it Worth the Price? cart
1267. Jaguar and Land Rover Acquisition: Will the Deal Improve Tata Motors Balance Sheet? cart
1268. Whole Foods Market’s Acquisition of ‘Wild Oats’ – A Strategy to Reduce Competition? cart
1269. Thomson Corp., Acquires Reuters: Is it in the Consolidation Phase? cart
1270. M&A’s in Indian Aviation Industry– Strategies for Healthy Competition cart
1271. Blockbuster Acquires Movielink: A Growth Strategy? cart
1272. BBC – YouTube Pact: A Win-Win Strategy cart
1273. Hewlett-Packard: Culture Change through Acquisitions cart
1274. Microsoft in China: The Partnering Success cart
1275. Cadbury Schweppes: Demerging its US Beverages Company cart
1276. Delta-Northwest Airlines Proposed Merger: Withering Industry Turbulence? cart
1277. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS): Leadership lessons cart
1278. Sanofi Aventis: CEO Le Fir's Formula for change cart
1279. Colgate-Palmolive: Leadership Style of Reuben Mark cart
1280. Catherine Arfi & Aromababy: Creating an Australian Brand and Taking it Global cart
1281. James Dyson: The Engineer Entrepreneur cart
1282. Azim Hasham Premji's Value-Based Leadership cart
1283. CEO as Change Agent cart
1284. Cirque du Soleil's Information Technology Initiatives cart
1285. ERP Implementation Failure at Hershey Foods Corporation cart
1286. ITC’s E-Choupal: A Mirage of the Poor? cart
1287. Will Harry Potter’s Magic Work for Universal Studios Theme Parks? cart
1288. Innovate for Growth: Immelt’s Strategy for GE cart
1289. Dell Business Model (A): Strategic Inflection Points in the PC Industry cart
1290. Private Equity Companies: The Strategic Shift cart
1291. CAFE Fuel Rules: Changing Auto Industry Dynamics in the US cart
1292. The US Newspaper Industry at Crossroads? cart
1293. Indian Animation Industry: Roadblocks for Global Competitiveness cart
1294. Nokia (A): A Stable Player in a Turbulent Industry? cart
1295. Indian Hotel Industry (B): The Park’s Eye for the Unconventional cart
1296. Motorola in China (B): From 'Intended' to 'Emergent' Strategy? cart
1297. Motorola in China (A): Dealing with an Evolutionary Industry Life Cycle cart
1298. Flexibility in the Workplace & Discrimination by Association: Sharon Coleman Vs Attridge Law cart
1299. Pentagon's New Personnel System: Coping with the Challenges of Human Capital cart
1300. Management Lessons from Spain's Euro 2008 Football Championship Triumph cart


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