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102. Currency Rate Swap between IBM and World Bank cart
103. MSMEs in India: Opportunities and Challenges in Times of Globalization cart
104. Infosys Role and Career Enhancement: A People Strategy or Fall from Grace? cart
105. Foxconn`s Labor Practices cart
106. Goals Going Astray cart
107. Privatization of Rede Ferroviária Federal, Sociedade Anonima: The People Aspects cart
108. HR Restructuring at Nissan cart
109. China`s Worker Unrest: Transforming from `World Factory` to a `World Market`? cart
110. Chinese Workers Strike at Honda: A New Beginning? cart
111. Bridging the Gap between B-School and Businesses: A Case Study of US B-Schools cart
112. 'NIMBY' vs. 'BANANA': Is There a Way Out? cart
113. Selecting Assets: Silver Oak Research's Risk-return Dilemmas cart
114. Allen Stanford Financial Scandal cart
115. Appraising Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation’s East West Metro Corridor Project cart
116. An Analysis of Small Savings Schemes in India cart
117. Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Co Ltd: Valuation of New Plant Using Real Options Technique cart
118. Certificates of Deposit cart
119. Analyzing Impact of Regulatory Environment Changes: Case of a Power Sector Project in India cart
120. Appraisal of Bharat Insulation Limited (BIL): Is the Project Financially Viable? cart
121. Indian Financial System cart
122. SoftSol’s Acquisition of Ivon Inc cart
123. Acquisition of Cairn India by Vedanta - Biggest Deal in Indian Oil Sector cart
124. Cash @ Infosys: Is It Really Adding Value? cart
125. Target Corporation: Weighted Average Cost of Capital cart
126. Risk Management @ Royal Dutch Shell Plc. cart
127. Outsourcing Receivables Management: An Evolving Approach to Business Financing cart
128. Indian Dry Fruits Limited: Receivable Management cart
129. Costing in Pepe Denim* cart
130. Vietnamese Dong Devaluation: Securing the Future with a Weaker Currency? cart
131. BlackBerry in International Markets: Balancing Business Interests and Host Nations` Security Concerns cart
132. Buyout of Paras by Reckitt Benckiser cart
133. Kraft`s Takeover of Cadbury cart
134. Ecomagination: Driving Sustainable Growth for GE cart
135. Alarm Ringing: Nokia in 2010 cart
136. Toyota Motor Corporation - Losing`The Toyota Way? cart
137. Bharti Airtel Ltd.: Going Global cart
138. HP-Palm Merger cart
139. For-Profit Colleges in the US: A Morally Bankrupt Sector? cart
140. India's Branded Vada Pav Chain Jumbo King’s Ambitious Plans cart
141. Big Bazaar, India's Hypermarket Chain: Can its Ambitious Future Plans Succeed? cart
142. Backward Integration in Chinese Metal Industry: A case of Anben steel cart
143. Toyota Product Recall: Does Quantity and Quality Go Hand-in-Hand? cart
144. UK's Woolworths Retail Chain: End of a Long Journey? cart
145. Whole Foods Market: Image Makeover Strategy in Troubled Times cart
146. US Airline Industry: Impact of Fuel Price Rise cart
147. Trouble at Taco Bell: The E. coli Breakout cart
148. Rising Fuel Cost: A Threat to Europe's Discount Airlines cart
149. Rising Aviation Turbine Fuel: How can Indian Airline Operators Cope? cart
150. Oil Derivatives: The Failure of China Aviation Oil’s Speculative Intent cart
151. Metro Cash and Carry India in Rough Waters cart
152. Is GM heading for Bankruptcy? cart
153. Fall of Lehman Brothers: US Sub Prime Crisis cart
154. Facebook Charging Ahead in an Economic Downturn: Is it a Wise Decision? cart
156. Leadership Change at Unilever: Can Paul Polman build on the Achievements of Patrick Cescau? cart
157. Intel After Barrett: Challenges for its First Outside Successor cart
158. Exit of Bill Gates: Future of Microsoft cart
159. Apple Computer Inc. After Steve Jobs: The Succession Dilemma cart
160. UBS AG to Split: The Right Solution to Overcome Sub-prime Crisis? cart
161. The Motorola Split – Heralding a New Approach? cart
162. Motorola to Split the Cell- Phone Business: The End of an Era? cart
163. Social Networking Sites at the Workplace: The HR Dimension cart
164. Facebook : An Online Maketing Tool? cart
165. DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s Reverse Migration Model: Going Rural with Socially Relevant BPO cart
166. Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise (ROPE) International: Success With Social Entrepreneurship? cart
167. International Development Enterprise India's (IDEI) Affordable Irrigation Technology: Making a Big Social Impact? cart
168. Coca-Cola in India: Innovative Distribution Strategies with 'RED' Approach cart
169. McDonald's in India: Reaching Out Customers with McDelivery cart
170. Logistics in India – A Case of Missed Opportunity? cart
171. Tata Indica: Stretching & Leveraging Resources cart
172. Guangzhou Honda: Promoting Glocalisation in China cart
173. United and Continental Airlines Alliance – A Marriage of Convenience? cart
174. TNK–BP: Is the Joint Venture on the Verge of Derailment? cart
175. The Indian Pharmaceutical Majors Ranbaxy and Orchid Alliance: A Win-Win Situation? cart
176. Strategic Alliance with Fiat: A Lifeline for Chrysler? cart
177. Indian Aviation Market: Impact of Kingfisher-Air Deccan Deal on LCCs cart
178. Indian Aviation Market: Impact of Kingfisher-Air Deccan Deal on LCCs cart
179. HSBC's Insurance JV in China: Sailing Through Charted Waters cart
180. Godrej tie-Up with Future Group for rural retail -A Win-Win Strategy? cart
181. Dongfeng–Volvo JV in China: Will it Pay Off? cart
182. DHL: Chalking Success by Partnering with its Rival UPS? cart
183. Big Cinema Teams Up with DreamWorks: Hollywood Aspirations? cart
184. Airtel's Pact with Infosys: Can it Create Ripples in the Indian DTH Market? cart
185. Microsoft-Yahoo! Mega Deal: Competing for Competition with Google? cart
186. Toyota in the US: Strategies to Combat Declining Sales! cart
187. Restructuring Siemens: Will It Pay Off? cart
188. Jon Rubinstein's Revival Plan for Palm: 'Smart' Enough? cart
189. Ford: Survival Strategies against New Auto Giants cart
190. Diversity at Denny's: The Turnaround Strategy cart
191. Delta Air Lines (B): Turnaround Strategy and Challenges Ahead cart
192. Dell: Reinventing Itself in 2007 cart
193. China's Fourth Largest Steelmaker, Shougang Steel’s Relocation strategy- conducive or detrimental to its growth cart
194. Alcatel-Lucent: Can the New Leadership Turn it Around? cart
195. Kamal Automobile Repair Shop Resource Allocation cart
196. Trends in the Production of Cotton Crops in India cart
197. Snow 'n' Fun Resort cart
198. Hong Kong - Macau - Taipei Bank Inc. cart
199. Reducing Project Duration cart
200. The Burj Dubai Project: A Symbol of Economic Strength or a Monument to Hubris? cart


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