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1701. Napster Inc.: Singing a New Tune cart
1702. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Competitive Strategies cart
1703. Best Buy: Growth through Segmentation cart
1704. ASDA: Competitive Strategy in UK Retail Market cart
1705. Yahoo vs Google: The Challenge cart
1706. Toyota’s Success in the US Auto Industry cart
1707. The Future of Gap Inc cart
1708. Southwest vs JetBlue in the Changing Market cart
1709. HMV: Competing in the Digital World cart
1710. H&M vs Zara: Competitive Growth Strategies cart
1711. BBC’s Challenge cart
1712. Apple’s Challenges in the MP3 Player Market cart
1713. Home Depot vs B&Q: The Battle for China’s Home Improvement Market cart
1714. Europe`s Grocery Market: Traditional Retailers vs Discounters cart
1715. Microsoft`s Zune: Competitive Challenges for Apple’s iPod cart
1716. Microsoft`s Internet Explorer 7: A Competitive Response to Mozilla`s Firefox? cart
1717. Motorola’s Competitive Strategy: Will It Work? cart
1718. Japanese Luxury Cars overtake American Cars in the US Market cart
1719. Home Depot- A Strategic Dilemma cart
1720. Piaggio vs Honda: The Strategic Lessons cart
1721. Air Deccan (A): The Captain’s Cocktail cart
1722. Nokia vs Motorola: Fight for Market Share - Flight of Margins? (B) cart
1723. Gol: Brazil's Low-cost Airline: Popularising Air Transport cart
1724. Nokia vs Motorola: Fight for Market Share - Flight of Margins? (A) cart
1725. Carrefour in China: Savoring the Success cart
1726. Screen Wars - LCD vs. Plasma cart
1727. DTH vs. Cable TV- Sky Wars in India cart
1728. AMD vs. Intel - Strategies for growth cart
1729. Ryanair: Flying High in a Competitive Atmosphere cart
1730. eBay in China: Strategies and Challenges cart
1731. eBay's Competitive Strategies in China cart
1732. 3M: Cultivating Core Competency cart
1733. Microsoft – Novell Alignment: The Future of Linux cart
1734. Steel Authority of India: Facing New Challenges cart
1735. Tata Motors’ Rs. One - Lakh Car Project:Opportunities & Challenges cart
1736. Las Vegas Sands Corp.: A High-Risk, High-Return Strategy? cart
1737. Wikipedia's Growth Story cart
1738. Market Leader Strategies: AstraZeneca Defending its Turf cart
1739. Balanced Scorecard Implementation at Philips cart
1740. Innovation at Cirque Du Soleil cart
1741. Prediction Markets: Distilling Collective Wisdom cart
1742. Motorola in Trouble cart
1743. Yum! Brands Inc. in China cart
1744. Hindalco's Acquisition of Novelis cart
1745. The Success Story of Wal-Mart in Mexico cart
1746. Alan Mulally's Challenges at Ford Motor Company cart
1747. Volkswagen's Acquisition of Skoda Auto: A Central European Success Story cart
1748. Logan: Renault's Low Cost 'World Car' cart
1749. Yahoo! in China: Local Problems for the Global Internet Giant cart
1750. The Verizon-MCI Merger cart
1751. Reorganizing Yahoo! cart
1752. Wal-Mart and the Indian Retail Sector cart
1753. Business Transformation at Telefónica De España cart
1754. Corporate Turnaround of Pharmacia & Upjohn cart
1755. British American Tobacco in South Korea cart
1756. Dell's Foray into Consumer Electronics cart
1757. Aldi: A Low-Cost Retail Giant's Distinctive Business Practices cart
1758. Sanyo's 'Think GAIA' Vision and Turnaround Efforts cart
1759. BenQ Corp.'s Failed Acquisition of Siemens' Mobile Devices Division cart
1760. The betapharm Acquisition: DRL's Inorganic Growth Strategy in Europe cart
1761. Tata Motors and Fiat Auto: Joining Forces cart
1762. Nintendo Wii: A 'Revolution' in Gaming? cart
1763. Carrefour's Strategies in China cart
1764. B&Q's Strategies in China cart
1765. Whole Foods Market's Growth Strategies and Future Prospects cart
1766. Embraer: The Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer's Turnaround and Growth cart
1767. Kentucky Fried Chicken: Tackling the Trans Fat Problem cart
1768. Germany's 'Green Dot' Waste Management System cart
1769. Pfizer's Intellectual Property Rights Battles in China for Viagra cart
1770. The Fall of D'Long cart
1771. Genetic Engineering: Questions of Ethics and Effectiveness cart
1772. Monsanto's 'Roundup Ready' Alfalfa Controversy cart
1773. Celebrity Big Brother 2007' Controversy cart
1774. Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Ltd: Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility with Sound Business Sense cart
1775. Wal-Mart's Sustainability Initiatives cart
1776. Grameen Danone Foods: A Social Business Enterprise cart
1777. SC Johnson's CSR Initiatives - Testing the 'Base of the Pyramid' Protocol cart
1778. BP: Putting Profits Before Safety? cart
1779. Business Ethics and Governance Issues at HP - The Pretexting Controversy cart
1780. Honda's Environmentology cart
1781. Lenovo’s Brand Building Strategies: Taking Competition to Competitors with “Transactional Model” cart
1782. Hyundai in USA Needs a New, Strong Brand Identity: Can its COO, Steve Wilhite, Deliver? cart
1783. Alessi: Managing Brand Equity at the Italian Design Firm cart
1784. Adidas: The Reebok Brand Revival cart
1785. Bank of America: Brand Positioning Strategies cart
1786. Old Spice: Strategies to transform its brand image cart
1787. P&G’s brand Management Strategy for Tide in the US cart
1788. Nivea’s Brand Extension Strategy in the US Market cart
1789. Wal-Mart – Building a New Image cart
1790. Revitalising Barbie cart
1791. Harley-Davidson: Maintaining a Cult Brand cart
1792. Tourism Malaysia: Marketing the Country cart
1793. Bose: Making the Most Trusted Brand cart
1794. Tom Cruise at United Artists: The Potential Prospects and Perils cart
1795. Sharp: Rejuvenating its TV Brand cart
1796. Will Gillette’s Fusion Brand Match its Mach 3 Brand’s Success? cart
1797. LEGO TOYS: A makeover in corporate philosophy cart
1798. The changing face of Intel cart
1799. Zara: The Spanish Fashion Chain’s Global Expansion: Is it Moving Too Fast? cart
1800. Anders Moberg at Ahold: Turnaround Strategy with Re-engineering the Value Chain cart


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