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501. Midlife career: Career Stages and Managing Confusions cart
502. Sears, Roebuck & Company: Operating Performance Turnaround with HR Scorecard cart
503. Citigroup: Strengthens its Presence in CEE cart
504. China Life, the World's Largest Insurer: Growing Prospects and Challenges cart
505. Cathay Pacific's Aggressive Expansion in Downturn cart
506. Baosteel's Aggressive Inorganic Growth Strategy: The Cost Factor cart
508. Stem Cell Research: The Battle between Business and Ethics cart
509. Sovereign Wealth Funds: Need for code of best practices? cart
510. Madoff Scandal: A Blow to Investor Confidence cart
511. Legal Process Outsourcing - Privacy Outsourced? cart
512. Is Chrysler's Existence at Stake? cart
513. CEOs in the US: Are they Overpaid? cart
514. Baby Milk Powder Contamination at China’s Sanlu: Violation of Business Ethics cart
515. Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (G): Maytas Satyam? cart
516. US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977: Governance Musings on US-Listed Companies cart
517. Satyam Computers' Corporate Governance Fiasco (H): One Year After cart
518. Flour Corp's Business Ethics Practices: Creating Six Sigma Standards in Staying Corruption-Free cart
520. Raiffeisen's Strategic Dilemma in Ukraine cart
521. Raiffeisen's Business Strategy in Russia cart
522. Mahindra Scorpio Entering the US Auto Market: Advent of a Global Brand? cart
523. Lotte, a South Korean Confectionery Company’s European Expansion Strategies cart
524. Inbev's Growth Strategy in China: Targeting Clustered Territories cart
526. HSBC's Long Term Commitment Delivering Results in China cart
528. General Motors' Joint Ventures in Russia and China: The Secret Behind Success & Failure cart
529. General Motors in Korea: A Success Story cart
530. From Books to Animation: Indian Cartoons Going Global cart
531. Ford in China: Learning from Experience cart
532. China's Automaker Chery's Global Expansion: Can it Race Past the 'Made in China' Image? cart
533. China National Petroleum's Foreign Cooperative Ventures:Will It Pay Off? cart
534. AMD: Consolidating Presence in China cart
535. Acer Creating New Growth Platforms: Will it Sustain Global PC Wars? cart
536. Wal-Mart in India: The Future cart
537. Global Footprints of the Indian MNC, Marico: The 3L Strategy cart
538. Cemex’s Cost of ‘Globalised’ Growth – The Cash Crunch? cart
539. Cairn India: Globalisation vs Government Intervention cart
540. Tapping Solar Energy in India: A Viable Alternative? cart
541. Subsidised Oil Price in India—Can it be sustained? cart
542. Sponsorship at Beijing Olympics: Multiple Dimensions cart
543. Special Economic Zones in India: Can they Overcome Challenges and Fuel Economic Growth? cart
544. SEZ-Can the Chinese Model be Integrated in India? cart
545. Phase I Trial of Foreign Drugs – Is India Ready? cart
546. Pemex, the Mexican Oil Company: Deregulation Challenges cart
547. Online Junk Food Marketing and US Kids: Need for Healthy Regulations cart
548. Green Trade: Can India Afford to Ignore the Opportunity? cart
549. Fiscal Federalism In China And India: A Need For New Stratagem For Better Accountability cart
550. Digital Rights Management – Time to Evolve or Phase Out? cart
551. China's Genetically Modified Food Strategy- Boon or Blight? cart
552. Carbon Trading: A Global Effort to Reduce Pollution cart
553. Carbon Credits Bazaar – Opportunities and Challenges for India cart
554. Brazil- The Emerging Destination for FDI cart
555. Brain Drain- A Threat to German Economy? cart
556. Banking Reforms in China: Progress and Constraints cart
557. AIG, A Meltdown Victim: Is Federal Bailout the Solution? cart
558. Abolition of Quota A Zero Sum Game for the South Asian Textile and Garment Industry? cart
559. UK’s Manufacturing Competitiveness (C): Resurgence of Rolls-Royce? cart
560. UK’s Manufacturing Competitiveness (B): What have Privatisation and Deregulation Done? cart
561. UK’s Manufacturing Competitiveness (A): Who Said ‘The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire’? cart
562. India's Apollo Tyres (A): The Family-Run Firm's Global Fortunes cart
563. The Fall of IndyMac Bancorp Inc. cart
564. The Collapse of Amaranth Advisors cart
565. Tata Motors - Speed Breakers Galore cart
566. UBS and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis cart
567. Power Sector Reform in China: Progress and Constraints cart
568. Indage Vintners Limited: Debt Hangover! cart
569. China State Grid's IPO: Will It Aggrandize or Attenuate The Power Sector Reforms? cart
570. Valuation of CPIC's IPO: Enterprise Value Vs Embedded Value cart
571. The Valuation of Business Division: The Case of L&T Concrete cart
572. Southwest Airlines: Profitability through Fuel Hedging? cart
573. Mexican Cement MNC, CEMEX: Reducing Cost of Capital Through Globalising Operations? cart
574. International Financial Regulatory Standards: India’s Need for Convergence cart
575. India's Largest Ever Public Issue by Indian Real Estate Giant DLF: Smudged by Valuation cart
576. Financial Reporting in the Emerging Capital Markets of India and Pakistan: The Need for Harmonization cart
577. Embedded Value Movement: The Key Assumptions cart
578. BurgerMan's Low-Cost Franchisee Model: Kiosks Lead the Way cart
579. Azaad Bazaar, India's First LGBT Online Store: When Will Its Bazaar Have 'Azaad'? cart
580. Legal Process Outsourcing: India s Low Cost Advantage cart
581. US Hedge Funds: Destabilising the Global Economy? cart
582. US Financial Crisis: Impact on Emerging Markets cart
583. U.S. Economy: Is Recession A Panacea? cart
584. Sub-Prime Crisis: Will Chinese Dragon be impinged similar to US economy? cart
585. Resurgence of Russian Economy: Can it sustain? cart
586. Meltdown in Iceland: Biggest Casualty of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis cart
587. Is Leadership Responsible for 2008 Financial Services Meltdown? cart
588. Indonesia ---- Heading for Another Crisis? cart
589. Impact of Global Economic Downturn on Airport Retailing cart
590. Exotic Financial Derivatives: The Root Cause of US Financial Disaster cart
591. Economic Crisis 2008: Showing Deflationary Blues? cart
592. Bear Stearns Collapse: Lessons from the Sub-Prime Crisis cart
593. 2008 Financial Crisis: Need for Basel Committee to Evolve as a Global Regulatory Authority cart
594. Lively' – Google's Virtual Reality Venture cart
595. Indian Soft Drink: Concentrate Major Rasna Diversifies into Fast Food Retailing: Will it Payoff? cart
596. Moser Baer’s Pricing Strategies: Competence-based and Value-driven? cart
597. The Tata Nano: A Successful CSR Strategy? cart
598. Saudi Aramco: Blazing a New Trail in Women Empowerment in Saudi Arabia? cart
599. Royal Philips Electronics’ CSR Drive: Turning Social Innovation into a Sustainable Business Opportunity! cart
600. Pfizer's 'Trovan' Experiment in Nigeria: CSR under Trial? cart


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