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901. Google and its TV Ads Program cart
902. Marketing Sunsilk: How Unilever Launched its Global Hair Care Brand in the US cart
903. Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand: Social Marketing to Change Binge Drinking Culture cart
904. UGG Boots: Australian Generic Product to Global Luxury Brand cart
905. Reebok Vs Nike in India: Reebok Covert Marketing strategies cart
906. Nestlé's Marketing: The Next Driver of Value Growth? cart
907. Coca-Cola in Russia: Expecting Fat Growth in a Flat Economy? cart
908. Cisco in Emerging Markets (A): Market Entry Strategies in China and India cart
909. Global Food Crisis (B): A Perfect Storm of Supply Crunch? cart
910. US Financial Crisis: Is It the Moment for Bretton Woods II? cart
911. US Financial Crisis: Is Keynesian Economics Still Relevant? cart
912. Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness: An Economic Reality Or Wishful Thinking? cart
913. Executive Pay Package: A Study of Demand and Supply cart
914. OPEC: The Economics of a Cartel (C) cart
915. OPEC The Economics of a Cartel (B) cart
916. OPEC: The Economics of a Cartel (A) cart
917. Mexican Telecom Industry: (Un)wanted Monopoly? cart
918. Perfect Competition under eBay: A Fact or a Factoid? cart
919. Business Viability of Dish TV: Would it Break or Break-even? cart
920. Biotechnology in Cuba cart
921. Gas Taxes: The US's Dilemma cart
922. Would Housing be a Dream in the Dream City of India? cart
923. Tata’s Nano: A Small Car with Large Consumer Surplus? cart
924. Nitu’s Business School Selection: Riding on an Indifference Curve cart
925. A Small Peek into Big B’s Car Collections: Does Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Hold Good? cart
926. Credit Cards – Boon or Bane: An insight into Customer’s Choice: Are We in Savings Management or Expenditure Management? cart
927. Ban on Public Smoking vs Imposition of Tax on Tobacco cart
928. Mobile Telephony in India: Would Cheaper Rates Bring More Profits? cart
929. Do Soaring Price and Mounting Demand in Indian Gold Market Speak of a Paradox? cart
930. Growth and Stability of Canadian Economy: Government’s Job? cart
931. Externalities: Justification for Public Goods? cart
932. Switzerland, Cuba and India: Addressing the Troika of Economic Problems in Three Economies cart
933. Water Management in India: An Offspin of Scarcity? cart
934. Trouble in Paradise: Water Scarcity in Cyprus cart
935. GM in US Files for Bankruptcy; GM in India Builds the Brand cart
936. Hong Kong Contemplates Competition Law: In Whose Interest? cart
937. FedEx Kinko’s to FedEx Office: Brand Management and Cultural Integration Challenges cart
938. Daiichi's Acquisition of Ranbaxy cart
939. Coca Cola’s Acquisition of China’s Huiyuan Juice Ltd: A Juicy Deal? cart
940. InBev's Acquisitionof Anheuser-Busch – American Beer with Belgian Spirit? cart
941. Ranbaxy’s Sell-off to Daiichi – Rise of a New Business Model in Global Pharma? cart
942. Parquesoft - A Unique Social Entrepreneurship Initiative cart
943. Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector: Vivek Kundra@US Government cart
944. MS Oberoi and His Legacy cart
945. Bigmouthmedia and Steve Leach: Managing Growth and Continuity cart
946. Bigmouthmedia & Steve Leach: Managing a Winning Team cart
947. Jamie Dimon: The Turnaround Specialist cart
948. The Rise and Fall of Ramalinga Raju cart
949. Leadership - The Indra Nooyi Way cart
950. Trevor Field and the PlayPumps of Africa cart
951. Katrina Markoff & Vosges Haut-Chocolat cart
952. Solution Exchange: Knowledge Management Initiative at UNDP cart
953. Knowledge Management Initiatives at IBM cart
954. District of Columbia: Harnessing the Power of Information and Communication Technology to Enable Good Governance cart
955. WTO and DOHA ROUND 2008: A Pause or Breakdown? cart
956. Reader’s Digest’s Bankruptcy: Loyal Readers, Disloyal Profits! cart
957.’s Kindle: Publishing Industry’s iPod? cart
958. Newspaper Industry in US: Uncle Sam’s Last Wish? cart
959. Fashion Industry: Can Asia Buck The Trend? cart
960. The Indian Hotel Industry (A): The Competitive Dynamics cart
961. Edwards Lifesciences' Talent Management Practices: Creating a Competitive Advantage cart
962. Performance Appraisal and Review at the Zoological Society of San Diego cart
963. Apple Inc.'s Corporate Culture: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly cart
964. Microsoft India's HR Practices cart
965. Axis Bank: The Succession Planning Fiasco cart
966. Employer Branding at McDonald's: Redefining McJobs cart
967. Project Parivartan: State Bank of India's Internal Communication Initiative cart
968. NetApp's Corporate Culture and HR Practices cart
969. Nike's 'Sports Knowledge Underground' E-learning Initiative cart
970. HR Problems at Jet Airways: Coping with Turbulent Times in the Indian Aviation Industry cart
971. Four Seasons Hotels Inc.`s HR Practices: Fostering a Strong Customer Service Culture cart
972. Engaging the India Inc.: The Young Brigade Leads the Way cart
973. New Age Indian Entrepreneurs cart
974. Social Networking: Threatening the Monster and Its Likes? cart
975. Grooming Next-Generation Leaders: The Infosys Way cart
976. The Line vs Staff Tussle at Hi-Speed Venture Technologies: Threatening the Company’s Future? cart
977. Telecommuting: A Perk or Prerequisite? cart
978. Mahindra Satyam’s Virtual Pool Program (VPP): Managing Talent in a Downturn? cart
979. Campus Recruitment of Regular MBAs vs Executive MBAs (Lateral Recruitment): Corporate Dilemmas cart
980. Merge Healthcare Incorporated’s Accounting Scandal: Was the Rightsizing Right? cart
981. Jet Airways’ Labour Dispute: Trade Unions and India’s Labour Conundrum cart
982. Employees as Brands: The Case of Google cart
983. On-Site Medical Clinics: Perks or Productivity Boosters? cart
984. MIT's Media Lab: Frank Moss' Culture Change cart
985. Culture Change Management Programme (CCMP) at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, Government of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA cart
986. Bank Bailouts and Bonuses: From Financial Bankruptcy to Moral Bankruptcy? cart
987. Satyam Computers’ Corporate Governance Fiasco (F): Tech Mahindra Logs into Satyam cart
988. Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (E): New CEO’s Known Problems, Unknown Solutions cart
989. Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (D): Government Intervenes, Perplexity Prevails cart
990. Satyam Corporate Fiasco (C): CEO Confesses, Company Collapses cart
991. Satyam Corporate Fiasco (B): The Role of Independent Directors cart
992. Satyam Computers Corporate Governance Fiasco (A): Siblings Are Dearer Than Shareholders? cart
993. Corporate Frauds: India Inc.’s Response cart
994. Hollywood in Bombay – Bollywood in Beverly Hills: Indian Film Industry’s New Global Value Chain cart
995. Yandex, Russia’s Search Engine: Googling for Growth in Google’s Backyard cart
996. Fisher Price’s Global Expansion: Toying with Customisation cart
997. Cisco in Emerging Markets (B): Looking Beyond China and India cart
998. Coca-Cola- Contentious Overseas Business Practices cart
999. Russia’s Tryst with Capitalism: Darkness at the End of the Tunnel? cart
1000. Contemporary Capitalism: Darkness at High Noon? cart


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