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3401. Pantaloons Retail (India) Limited - The Indian Retailing Giant cart
3402. Hindustan Lever's Foray into Network Marketing cart
3403. CavinKare's Innovative Marketing Strategies cart
3404. Bumrungrad's Global Services Marketing Strategy cart
3405. Tommy Hilfiger - The Struggles of an American Fashion Icon cart
3406. Samsung's Marketing Strategy in India cart
3407. NIKE - 'The Goddess of Marketing' cart
3408. Nivea - Managing an Umbrella Brand cart
3409. Tupperware in India cart
3410. Price Optimization at Northern Group Retail cart
3411. Calvin Klein's Scandalous Advertising - Morality vs. Money cart
3412. Branding a Commodity - The Tata Steel Way cart
3413. New Product Development at the Schwan Food Company - Innovations Through Communication cart
3414. Coca Cola India's Thirst for the Rural Market cart
3415. The 'David Beckham' Brand cart
3416. NIKE - Evolution of Marketing Strategy cart
3417. LVMH - Building Star Brands cart
3418. Titan - Building a Brand cart
3419. Tanishq - Building a Jewellery Brand cart
3420. Amul -Evolution of Marketing Strategy cart
3421. Coca-Cola India in 2004 -Marketing Strategy cart
3422. Cipla - Capturing the Global AIDS Market cart
3423. Unilever in India - Rural Marketing Initiatives cart
3424. Detergent Wars in India cart
3425. Parachute- Managing India's leading coconut oil brand cart
3426. Marico - Managing 'Saffola' cart
3427. Unilever in India - Building the Ice creams business cart
3428. Unilever in India - Building and Nurturing Brands cart
3429. Audi's New Marketing Strategy: The Audi Channel cart
3430. Kellogg’s: Reclaiming its Lost Leadership cart
3431. Yao Ming: Marketers’ Open Sesame to China cart
3432. Philips: The New Age Marketing cart
3433. Mel Gibson’s New Commandments of Movie Marketing cart
3434. European Soccer Merchandising in Asia cart
3435. Price Wars in the Indian Detergent Market cart
3436. Splenda: Leading the Tabletop Sweetener Market cart
3437. P&G in US Toothpaste Market: A Formidable Comeback cart
3438. LG: Rural Marketing in India cart
3439. Rural Marketing – Indian Experiences cart
3440. Dainik Bhaskar: The Innovative Marketer cart
3441. Ready-To-Drink Market cart
3442. Business in India – The LG Way cart
3443. Nokia’s ‘N-Gage’ing Initiative cart
3444. A Note on Currency and Index Futures cart
3445. A Note on Interest Rate Futures cart
3446. A Note on Financial Ratio Analysis cart
3447. A Note on the Financial Evaluation of Projects cart
3448. Nokia in China: The Growth Strategies cart
3449. Volkswagen in China: The Growth Challenges cart
3450. H&M: The Swedish Fashion Discounter in USA cart
3451. China’s Beauty Industry: L’Oreal’s Foray cart
3452. Carrefour in China cart
3453. Metro in India: Fighting against odds cart
3454. Carrefour in Japan cart
3455. Starbucks in Germany cart
3456. Toyota’s Expansion Strategies in Europe cart
3457. Hyundai in USA: The Quality Rides cart
3458. Pizza Hut in India cart
3459. Market Entry Strategies of Gmail cart
3460. Harley-Davidson in China cart
3461. AIG- Strengthening its Asian Links cart
3462. KFC in China cart
3463. India as an Outsourcing Destination: Competitive Advantages and Core Competencies cart
3464. Australia: Managing the Current Account Deficit cart
3465. Comparative Cost Advantage and the American Outsourcing Backlash cart
3466. American BPO backlash: The Highs and Lows cart
3467. China: Importing Commodities and Exporting Inflation? cart
3468. India’s Forex Reserves cart
3469. Ireland: Turnaround by Tax Policy cart
3470. Gordon Brown’s Fiscal Management cart
3471. China’s Banks and The Overheating Economy cart
3472. Inflation Targeting as a Monetary Policy Tool: The Case of Bank of England cart
3473. Monetary Policy – Hungary vs Poland cart
3474. The French 35-hour workweek cart
3475. Japan: Employing the Unemployed cart
3476. Media Specialists: Transforming Global Ad Industry’s Business Model cart
3477. Madison Avenue: Changing Business Model cart
3478. DVRs and Advertising Industry: Opportunity and a Threat? cart
3479. Political Advertising in India cart
3480. Celebrity Endorsement – Through the Ages cart
3481. Online Advertising: The Emerging Phenomenon cart
3482. WPP Group Plc: Inorganic Growth Strategies cart
3483. Drug Advertising in the US: Issues and Implications cart
3484. Saudi Arabia & Oil Prices: The Sultans of Swing cart
3485. De Beers vs. Lev Leviev: The“Decartelisation” of the Diamond Industry? cart
3486. Stanley Ho’s Gambling Empire: End of a Monopoly? cart
3487. Low-Cost Carriers in USA: Pricing Pressures for Major Airlines cart
3488. The Economics of Hosting The Olympics cart
3489. Transnet: The South Africa’s Transport Monopoly cart
3490. Silk Soy Milk: The All-new Milk Substitute cart
3491. Business Confidence for FDI in India cart
3492. Transfer Pricing cart
3493. European Drug Pricing and its Implications cart
3494. Californian Economy – The Challenges Ahead cart
3495. Dollarization and Countries’ Experiences cart
3496. Ageing Japan: Growing Problems cart
3497. Brazil’s Dilemma: Forests or Foreign Exchange? cart
3498. Doctoral Blues in the U.S. B-Schools cart
3499. Greenspan’s Economic Policies-Managing Through Booms and Busts cart
3500. Currency Boards And Countries’ Experiences cart


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