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201. Traverse Communications: Identifying Target Customers cart
202. Celebrity Endorsements and Product Categories cart
203. Apex Tours & Travels: Analysing Consumer Preferences on Tourism cart
204. Marketing Dilemma for 'Elan' Jeans Brand cart
205. Reserve Bank of India's Tightening Monetary Policy: An Impediment to Economic Growth? cart
206. Is Monetary Tightening India's Best Response to the Ongoing Inflation cart
207. Hungary's Monetary Policy: The Conflicting Objectives cart
208. Netflix Prize 2009: Neuromarketing Research for Online Shoppers? cart
209. Hindustan Unilever Limited’s Rexona: Repositioning ‘Rexona’ Deodorant cart
210. Pringles– Combating the Launch of Lays Stax cart
211. Samsung vs LG: Similar Goals, Dissimilar Strategies cart
212. P&G’s Tremor – Reinventing Marketing by Word of Mouth cart
213. Tata Tea’s Jaago Re! Campaign: The Social-Cause Marketing Initiatives and Long-term Branding Initiatives cart
214. Virgin Atlantic’s Business-Class-only Airline: Emerging Threat to Niche Air Carriers? cart
215. US Bottled Water Industry Faces a New Frontier-Special Interest Group cart
216. The U.S Steel Industry and the Tariff Policy of Bush cart
217. The Price War: Netflix vs Blockbuster cart
218. The Dilemma of Discounts: GM’s Bid for Market Share cart
219. Telstra, The Australian Telecommunications Company: CEO Sol Trujillo's 'Transformational' Strategic Plan cart
220. Samsung Electronics in 2005 cart
221. Private Labels in Europe: Potential Threats for Brands? cart
222. Nokia - Global Market Share 40%; US Market Share 10%: Competitive strategies cart
223. Mobile Phones: The Advent of a New Advertising Medium cart
224. Mahindra & Mahindra (B): An Emerging Global Giant? cart
225. Honda in China: Government Regulations and Firm’s Strategy cart
226. Harry Potter: Global Marketing Strategies cart
227. 'Global Vision 2010': Toyota's Strategic Initiatives cart
228. Ford’s ‘Drive One’ Campaign: Can Allen Mullaly Drive Through the Trough cart
229. Emergence of China in the Global E-Commerce Market (B):’s Surge cart
230. Dubai Duty Free: Promotion and Expansion cart
231. Dell's Business Model: Is it Time to Reinvent? cart
232. De Beers: The Right Hand Ring campaign cart
233. De Beers' Corporate Transformation: The Competitive Pressures cart
234. Competition in China’s Luxury Car Market cart
235. Coke’s Promotional Themes: Tailored for Times cart
236. C&C's Bulmers and Magners Brand: The Irish Drinks Company's Brand Repositioning Strategies cart
237. Branding – The Asian Dilemma cart
238. Avon: Direct Selling in China cart
239. Automobiles: Made in China, Sold in USA? cart
240. ASDA: Betting on Low Prices? cart
241. Apple iPhone Price Cut: Is it a Right Strategy? cart
242. Acquire and ascend – e-Bookers way cart
243. Assessing Consumer Brand Loyalty cart
244. Domestic Vs Foreign Brand Clothing: Understanding Consumer Decision-making Styles in India cart
245. GlaxoSmithKline`s New Sales Force Compensation System in the US cart
246. Avant Garden: Exploring Possibilities for Improving Revenue Management cart
247. Crisis Management at Toyota cart
248. AMD s Consumer and Channel Marketing Initiatives cart
249. Developing a Personal Selling Strategy cart
250. The Disgruntled Customer cart
251. Design Thinking and Innovation at IDEO cart
252. Social Marketing: Times of India's 'Teach India' Campaign cart
253. Customer Service at L.L.Bean cart
254. Brand Naming: Kraft Foods iSnack 2.0 Controversy in Australia cart
255. Burger King's 'Whopper Virgins' Viral Marketing Campaign cart
256. Tata Indicom's 'Pay Per Call' Tariff Plan for Prepaid Cellular Subscribers cart
257. Unilever's Packaging Practices - Innovations and Insights cart
258. Droid: Challenger to the iPhone? cart
259. Volkswagen's Marketing Strategy in India cart
260. Customer Service Champion cart
261. Tourism Kamloops cart
262. Canadian Club: Repositioning a Dormant Brand cart
263. Selling Insurance Products in India: The Commission versus Fee Debate cart
264. Burger King's 'Whopper Freakout' Marketing Campaign cart
265. i-Mint - An Innovative Coalition Loyalty and Consumer Rewards Program in India cart
266. Indian Premier League's Operating Model - Marketing Cricket to the World cart
267. Apple’s App Store: Strengthening the iPhone’s Competitive Position cart
268. Promoting 'Paranormal Activity' cart
269. Eyeing the Rural Insurance Market: Will China Life hit the Bull's Eye? cart
270. Commercialisation of the Game of Cricket: Is it a Win-win Situation? cart
272. Airtel vs. Reliance: Indian Telecom Giants Price War cart
273. Subway in the US: Challenges of Extending Product Mix cart
274. Ringing Youngsters – Virgin's Distinctive Market Segmentation in India cart
275. Microsoft's 'Mojave' Experiment: Image Makeover of Vista with Stealth Marketing? cart
276. KFC: 'Serving with a Difference' cart
277. ITC's Packaged Food Business: Towards Market Leadership cart
278. Financial Services: Going Women Way cart
280. Dilip Chhabria's Focus on a Niche Market - Can it Sustain? cart
281. Coca-Cola: Would its 'Three-Cola' Strategy Work? cart
282. CBS: Re-entry Strategies in the Music Industry cart
283. Nokia’s Rural Marketing Strategies in India: Reaching Out to the Bottom of Pyramid cart
284. Vogue in India: The Market Entry Strategy cart
285. Virgin Mobile's Entry Strategies in India cart
286. Tesco's Big Plans To Enter Indian Retail cart
287. Tesco in Japan – Experimenting with Retail Formats cart
288. Tesco in China: Opportunities and Challenges cart
289. Telenor's Entry into Indian Mobile Market: Too Late and Expensive? cart
290. Standard Chartered: Invading into Mainland China cart
291. Sanpaolo: Establishing its Footprint in Serbia cart
292. Japan's Docomo's Entry into Indian Telecom Market: Can it Tap the Growth in India? cart
293. IVRCL, An Indian Construction Behemoth's Forays in to Real Estate Targeting The Niche Brown Collars- Will The Formula Work?" cart
294. Indian DTH Market: Can Reliance Big TV Ride on the Growth Wave? cart
295. Apple iPhone in India: Emotionally Connected Vs Product-Price Performance Disconnected? cart
296. Indian Automobile Industry: Is it Going to be the ‘Global Small Car Hub’? cart
297. Competition Laws in China and India: Dragon’s divergence and Elephants convergence cart
298. Trade Deficits, Current Account Deficits and Exchange Rates in US: The Policy Implications cart
299. Demand for and Supply of Money: A Case of India cart
300. Business Confidence? Very High; Consumer Spending? Very Low: How to get the German Consumer to Spend More? cart


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