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3201. Evangelism: New Age Marketing cart
3202. Haier in 2005 cart
3203. Matsushita's Turnaround cart
3204. Pfizer in 2005 cart
3205. Cisco Systems in 2005 cart
3206. Apple in 2005: Moving into the Mainstream? cart
3207. Summer-izing Home Truths? cart
3208. Sony Corporation in 2004: Managing a Global Corporation cart
3209. Mahindra and Mahindra: Developing Competencies for Going Global in 2005 cart
3210. Microsoft in 2004: Shaping a New Image cart
3211. Wal-Mart in 2005 cart
3212. Wal-Mart in 2004: Creating a New Image cart
3213. IBM in 2004: The Linux Option cart
3214. Comcast in 2004 cart
3215. Toyota in 2004: Managing Innovation in the New Millennium  cart
3216. ICWAI in 2004: Grappling with New Challenges cart
3217. HP's Compaq Acquisition (D) cart
3218. HP's Compaq Acquisition (C) cart
3219. HP's Compaq Acquisition (B) cart
3220. HP's Compaq Acquisition (A) cart
3221. Steven Spielberg & DreamWorks cart
3222. Sony: Transformation 60 & Beyond cart
3223. eBay Under Meg Whitman cart
3224. Wal-Mart in China cart
3225. Prada: The IPO Dilemma   cart
3226. The Turnaround of Caribbean Ispat Ltd. (CIL) cart
3227. Balrampur Chini Mills cart
3228. P&G in 2005 cart
3229. Gucci in 2004 cart
3230. NDDB in 2004: Beyond Operation Flood cart
3231. Mittal Steel: Consolidating US Operations cart
3232. The Turnaround of Ispat Imexsa cart
3233. Ispat - Sidbec: Entering North America cart
3234. The Turnaround of Ispat Karmet cart
3235. News Corp in 2005: Consolidating the DirecTV Acquisition cart
3236. AMD in 2005: Coming out of Intel's Shadow cart
3237. Big Media’s “On-Demand” Entertainment: What’s the Business Model? cart
3238. Music Piracy and iTunes cart
3239. Best Buy and Circuit City's Revenue Models: The Threat from Wal-Mart? cart
3240. Eos Airlines, World's First All-Business Class Carrier: Low-Cost Model in Long-Haul Air Travel? cart
3241. High Sales with Low Margins: Notebook PC Makers' New Success Formula? cart
3242. The Advent of Personalised Medicine: The New Business Model of Pharmaceutical Companies cart
3243. Dell's Service Business: Duplicating the Low-Cost PC Model cart
3244. Podcasting: Revolutionising The Radio cart
3245. Global Pharma Industry: In Need of a New Business Model? cart
3246. Private Equity Firms in Germany: Can they Change the Corporate Landscape? cart
3247. AOL’s Ad Revenues: A New Business Model cart
3248. The Growth Strategies of South Korean Real-Time News Site, OhmyNews: The Challenges cart
3249. SINA: The Yahoo of China? cart
3250. Private Equity in China: The “cautious” Gold Rush cart
3251. Dell in China: The Strategic Rethinking cart
3252. Building Business in China: The Shui On Way cart
3253. Sustainable Development at British Petroleum cart
3254. Ahold's Sustainability Initiatives cart
3255. Childhood Obesity: Should Junk Food be Regulated?  cart
3256. Hollinger International: The Lord Black Saga cart
3257. ABB: Providing “Access to Electricity” cart
3258. Sustainability Management at Philips cart
3259. The Tata Group: Integrating Social Responsibility with Corporate Strategy cart
3260. CSR Initiatives at HSBC: Making Good Business Sense cart
3261. Voxiva's Social Responsibility Initiatives cart
3262. Cemex's Social Responsibility Initiatives cart
3263. The Recall of Vioxx cart
3264. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cart
3265. BenQ In Quest of Global Branding cart
3266. BMW’s exit from Branded Entertainment –Is it the right move cart
3267. Visa International: Building a global brand cart
3268. Marlboro : From Mass Marketing to New Age Promotions cart
3269. Star Wars : A Star Brand cart
3270. Kroger : Serving Customers through Multiple Formats cart
3271. Bollenbach : Consolidating the Hilton Brand cart
3272. Cafédirect (A) : Brand with a Concience cart
3273. Absolut Sequel? Absolut's new advertising campaign in 2006 in the US cart
3274. Wendy's Advertising Strategy in 2006 Where's the Beef. cart
3275. MG Rover,the Fall of an Iconic Brand The Blame Game Continues cart
3276. PPR's Balenciaga Brand: The Turnaround cart
3277. National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School: Christopher Earley's Brand Building Strategies cart
3278. France Telecom's 'Orange': Renaissance of a Brand and Rebranding Strategies cart
3279. Samsonite: The US Luggage Manufacturer's Branding Strategies cart
3280. Oscar's Brand Equity: At the Crossroads? cart
3281. Mattel Inc.’s Barbie: Brand Merchandising Strategies cart
3282. AMD's Growth Strategy cart
3283. GIORGIO ARMANI’S Growth Strategies cart
3284. BP: Organisational Restructuring and Evolution of a New Corporate Identity cart
3285. Microsoft Under Steve Ballmer cart
3286. Entertainment & Media Outsourcing in India cart
3287. ‘Clinical Trials’: Outsourcing to India cart
3288. India- An Automobile Hub in the Making cart
3289. Outsourcing trends in the Global Automobile Industry cart
3290. Big Pharma R&D cart
3291. Starbucks: Turbulance in its overseas market cart
3292. Starbucks in France: Teething problems cart
3293. Troubled Times at Diageo cart
3294. Poland Spring – Managing in Troubled Times cart
3295. Challenging Times of Japan Tobacco cart
3296. Yoshinoya : Managing in troubled times cart
3297. Mitsukoshi: The Japanese Retailer’s Troubled Times cart
3298. A&M’s Turnaround Formula with Interstate Bakeries Corporation: The Testing Times cart
3299. Regal Entertainment Group: Managing Troubled Times cart
3300. Alitalia: The Airline in Trouble cart


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