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1501. Marketing Strategies of Harley-Davidson cart
1502. Glaxosmithkline's Marketing Strategy for Requip: A Case Study in Product Lifecycle Management cart
1503. Pfizer's Torcetrapib Failure: The Risks of New Drug Development cart
1504. Crisis Management at Bausch & Lomb (B): The 'Renu with Moistureloc' Debacle cart
1505. Bud.TV: Logging Troubles cart
1506. Natureworks: Market Development for Bioplastics cart
1507. Microsoft's Strategy for Small Businesses (B): Marketing MS Office Live cart
1508. Microsoft's Strategy for Small Businesses (A): The Innovative PR Campaign for MS Office Accounting 2007 cart
1509. Glacéau: Marketing Vitaminwater cart
1510. Rovion's InPerson Technology: Changing the Face of Online Advertising cart
1511. Harnessing the Power of Online Social Communities for Branding and Market Development cart
1512. Philips: Making Sense of Simplicity cart
1513. Sony's Battery Recall Fiasco cart
1514. Bose Corp.: Better Sound through Research or Better Sales through Marketing? cart
1515. Innovative Marketing Strategies of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics cart
1516. The loveLife Brand (B): Evolving the Campaign's Communication Strategy for HIV Prevention in South African Youth cart
1517. Eurail Group GIE: Marketing Rail Travel in Europe cart
1518. AXE Effect in the US: Success through Viral Marketing? cart
1519. Vista: Can Microsoft make it a Success? cart
1520. The Woman of Substance”: Changing Face of Women in Advertisements? cart
1521. Nestlé: Rejigging Product Portfolio on the Health Plank cart
1522. Wal-Mart and InStore TV: Worth an Investment? cart
1523. Guerilla Advertisements: Big Firms Going Guerilla? cart
1524. Enviga's Marketing Strategy: Will Coca-Cola Succeed? cart
1525. Second Life: A unique marketing platform cart
1526. Marks & Spencer: Revival Strategies cart
1527. Advertising and Branding Strategies of Staples- The ‘Easy’ Campaign cart
1528. P&G in Mexico: Profiting from Product and Marketing Innovations? cart
1529. Advertising Strategies of Coca-Cola: Can it be Refreshed? cart
1530. Shanghai Tang: Taking Chinese Fashion to the World cart
1531. Vespa's Entry Strategies for the US Market cart
1532. Vodafone’s Branding Dilemma in India cart
1533. Vodafone’s Strategic Move in Indian Telecom Market cart
1534. Bharti Wal-Mart Tie-up: Opportunities and Challenges cart
1535. Yahoo! China: Challenges cart
1536. Walt Disney Co. (B): Disney in India cart
1537. Price Levels in Japan: A Macroeconomic Conundrum cart
1538. Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe Thrives Economy Suffers cart
1539. Inflation Measure: CPI or WPI? cart
1540. The Burgeoning Indian Economy: Signs of Overheating cart
1541. Boeing Vs Northrop Grumman-Airbus Bid for USAF:Is it a battle over Refuelling Tankers? (Case) cart
1542. Why Daimler Sold Chrysler? cart
1543. Renault-Nissan-Mahindra:The Strategic Partnership for Growth cart
1544. Will the Merger Between MyTravel and Thomas Cook Payoff? cart
1545. Google’s Bid for YouTube: The Next Step for Internet Revolution? cart
1546. Global Consolidation of Stock Exchanges: The Potential Synergies cart
1547. Alcatel’s Acquisition of Nortel: The Strategic Fit cart
1548. Merck`s Acquisition of Serono: Creation of the Largest Biotechnology Company of Europe cart
1549. Hospira`s Acquisition of Mayne Pharma: Creation of World’s Leading Generic Injectable Pharmaceutical Company cart
1550. Wal-Mart`s Bid for Trust-Mart: Consolidating Presence in China cart
1551. US Airways Bid for Delta Air Lines: Potential Synergies and Challenges cart
1552. Banca Intesa – Sanpaolo Merger: Set to Create Italy`s Largest Bank cart
1553. XM and Sirius Merger: Potential vs Pitfalls cart
1554. Disney-McDonald's: On the Parting Ways cart
1555. Citigroup’s Acquisition of Egg Bank: The Spin-Offs cart
1556. China Merchants Bank: Challenging Times Ahead cart
1557. OneSteel – Smorgon Steel Merger: The Challenges Ahead cart
1558. Liverpool Football Club: Takeover by American Tycoons cart
1559. Gazprom and Rosneft Alliance: A Win-Win Strategy cart
1560. Sirius and XM: Should They Merge to Perform Better? cart
1561. YouTube’s acquisition by Google – Issues and Challenges cart
1562. China Eastern Airlines: Shanghai's Last Samurai? cart
1563. Air Deccan (C): The Captain vs The Baron cart
1564. P&G and Gillette’s Merger: Oral Care Products (Brand) Integration Challenges cart
1565. The Takeover of Qantas: A Survival strategy? cart
1566. Fiat Auto SpA – Tata Motors’ Joint Venture cart
1567. BBC-Microsoft Tie-up: Strategy for Next Generation Digital Presentation cart
1568. ONGC’s Overseas Merger & Acquisition Strategies cart
1569. Corrado Passera Restructuring Poste Italiane and Banca Intesa: The Leadership Style of the Corporate Savior cart
1570. Virgin Group: Richard Branson’s Business with Flamboyance? cart
1571. Howard Stringer: Turning Sony Around cart
1572. Zhang Yin - China's Leading Woman Entrepreneur cart
1573. Case Studies on a Few Women Microentrepreneurs cart
1574. Case Studies on a Few Women Microentrepreneurs cart
1575. Sourav Ganguly (B): The Second Coming cart
1576. Sourav Ganguly (A): A Case Study in Leadership cart
1577. James McNerney and 3M: Making a Good Company Better? cart
1578. Mark Constantine: The Willy Wonka of the Beauty Industry cart
1579. Mckinsey's Knowledge Management Practices cart
1580. Managing Information Resources: Ensuring Data Security cart
1581. The Fall of PartyGaming cart
1582. Logitech: Competing through Innovation cart
1583. M&M’s Candy’s Innovative Marketing Strategies cart
1584. Honda’s Green Technology Strategy in the US Auto Market cart
1585. MojoPac: Redefining Mobile Computing? cart
1586. Indian Railways – IT Innovations in Passenger Services cart
1587. Intel’s Trillionizing Processor cart
1588. Apple iPhone – Will it Ring? cart
1589. A Challenge to Innovation: Can Netflix sustain growth? cart
1590. Rural Banking – Shifting Paradigms cart
1591. Consolidation in Global Steel Industry: What Lies Ahead cart
1592. Low Cost Airlines in India - Emerging Trends and Survival Strategies cart
1593. Low Cost Airlines – Trends and Survival strategies in US cart
1594. Retail market in Vietnam-Challenges and Opportunities cart
1595. Global Steel Industry: The Country Factor cart
1596. Kyoto Protocol and its Impact on Carbon Trading cart
1597. Chinese Automakers’ International Drive cart
1598. Emerging Destinations in Outsourcing: The Indian dilemma cart
1599. China’s Retail Industry (C): The Competitive Strategies cart
1600. Air Deccan (B): The Captain, The Baron and The Unknown cart


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