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3301. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: The Troubled Times cart
3302. WH Smith PLC: The British Retailer in Trouble cart
3303. Proton: The Malaysian Car Maker’s Troubles and Challenges cart
3304. LSG Sky Chefs: Managing in Troubled Times cart
3305. Branding Service: The McDonald’s Way cart
3306. Succession Battles at Viacom cart
3307. Marks and Spencer: The Downfall and Leadership Vacuum cart
3308. Aravind Eye Hospitals: A Case in Social Entrepreneurship cart
3309. Social Entrepreneurship: Serving the ‘Niche’ Business cart
3310. Paul Newman – At the Vanguard of Business Philanthropy cart
3311. Micro Finance: A Case of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh cart
3312. Micro Credit – Case of Bank Rakyat Indonesia cart
3313. Ronda ‘Water Management’ Experiment–WorldWater (Philippines) Inc. cart
3314. National Australia Bank in UK: Cross-Selling Strategies cart
3315. Retailing: The ‘Target’ Way cart
3316. Film Merchandising: The Hollywood Style cart
3317. Wells Fargo’s Cross selling Strategies cart
3318. EADS: The Evolution and Growth of the European Aircraft Manufacturing Alliance cart
3319. Transnational Alliances in Civil Aviation cart
3320. Burger King's Turnaround: Courtesy the Private-equity Firms cart
3321. VIP: The Indian Luggage Carrier’s Turnaround Strategies cart
3322. Cisco’s Turnaround – John.T. Chambers’ Strategy cart
3323. IDBI: An Ailing Goliath cart
3324. Gateway’s Restructuring Strategy cart
3325. Turning around Porsche cart
3326. Shinsei Bank - A Turnaround cart
3327. Indian Railways: The Cost of Public Service cart
3328. Deutsche Telekom - A turnaround cart
3329. Indian Bank’s Turnaround Strategy cart
3330. Hynix: The South Korean Chipmaker’s Restructuring Strategies cart
3331. Delta Air Lines, Inc.: Restructuring Strategies cart
3332. Televisa: The Turnaround Strategies of Emilio Azcarraga Jean cart
3333. Volkswagen: Bernd Pischetsrieder’s Turnaround Efforts cart
3334. Telecom Italia: Troubled Times in Brazil cart
3335. Tyco International Ltd: The Revival Strategies cart
3336. Russian Banks: A Crisis of Confidence? cart
3337. Matsushita Electric Industrial Company: The Restructuring Strategies cart
3338. Humana Inc: Turnaround of a Health Insurer cart
3339. America Online: The Restructuring Strategies cart
3340. AirTran Airways: The Turnaround cart
3341. United Airlines’ Growing Troubles: Looking for Solutions cart
3342. Mazda’s Magical Turnaround cart
3343. Fiat Auto: Turning Around The Turnaround Strategies? cart
3344. Delta Air Lines: Grinstein’s Restructuring Challenge cart
3345. Lucent Technologies: The Resurrection cart
3346. Toshiba: Restructuring to Sustain its Leadership cart
3347. Daewoo Corporation: Corporate Restructuring Success cart
3348. Korea’s Kookmin Bank – Restructuring Strategies cart
3349. Nissan & Mitsubishi: A Tale of Two Turnarounds cart
3350. Restructuring Efforts at Cadbury Schweppes cart
3351. NOKIA – Restructuring Strategies cart
3352. Managing Olympics 2004: The Run-up to the Games cart
3353. Private Schools in China cart
3354. Virgin Mobile in USA: Differentiating Growth Strategies cart
3355. Reinventing the Buick Magic cart
3356. Pantaloon: Revolutionizing the Indian Retailing Industry cart
3357. STAR TV in India: The Growth Strategies cart
3358. La-Z-Boy: Changing Style cart
3359. Pantaloon Retail India: Creating Successful Formats cart
3360. Electrolux: Reinventing operations in North America cart
3361. BAA’s T5: Novel Project Management cart
3362. Thailand’s Land Energy Bridge Project: Costs and Benefits cart
3363. Eurotunnel – In Troubled Waters cart
3364. The Evolution of the Toyota Production System cart
3365. Taiichi OHNO and Toyota Production System cart
3366. Volvo's Product Development Practices: Focus on Safety cart
3367. Consumer Driven Six Sigma at Ford cart
3368. The Ford Production System cart
3369. The Need of Accurate Forecasting cart
3370. Improving Operational Efficiency of a Bank cart
3371. Employee Satisfaction Survey cart
3372. Dilemma of a Manufacturer cart
3373. Demand Estimation for a Call Center cart
3374. Operations at Whirlpool cart
3375. Carrefour: Managing the Global Supply Chain cart
3376. Yellow Transportation Inc.: The Tech Leader of the Trucking Industry in the US cart
3377. PepsiCo's Distribution and Logistics Operations cart
3378. Inventory Problems at Nike cart
3379. FedEx: The Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider cart
3380. Wal-Mart's Supply Chain Management Practices (B): Using IT/Internet to Manage the Supply Chain  cart
3381. Unilever Restructures its Supply Management Practices cart
3382. Sears Logistics Management Practices cart
3383. Nordstrom's Perpetual Inventory System cart
3384. The Six Sigma 'Plus' Quality Initiative at Honeywell cart
3385.'s Inventory Management cart
3386. Operations Management at Southwest Airlines cart
3387. Operations Management at Tata Motors cart
3388. Gujarat Ambuja - Cost Leader in the Indian Cement Industry cart
3389. Operations Management at Maruti Udyog cart
3390. Yuan: To Peg or Not to Peg cart
3391. America’s Dollar Policy – Weak Dollar Vs. Strong Dollar cart
3392. The Appreciating Canadian Dollar: The Implications for Canadian Economy cart
3393. Deflation in Japan cart
3394. Currency Pegging cart
3395. Britain’s Housing market – Pound Vs U.S. Dollar Dilemma cart
3396. The 1994 Devaluation of Mexican Peso and After cart
3397. Honda's Marketing Strategies in India cart
3398. Coca-Cola's Belgian Crisis - The Public Relations Fiasco cart
3399. Marketing Strategies of BusinessWorld cart
3400. Hyundai's Marketing Strategies in India cart


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