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4001. Unilever India in 2004 - In Search of a Growth Strategy  cart
4002. Nokia in 2004: Losing the Grip cart
4003. Nokia: Integrating Risk into Corporate Strategy cart
4004. Nokia: From N-Gage to QD cart
4005. The 3G Mobile Phone Industry in 2004 cart
4006. Tata Motors in 2004: Going Global cart
4007. The Birla Family Crisis cart
4008. The Rise and Fall of US-64 Case cart
4009. Ranbaxy Laboratories: India's First Multinational cart
4010. Unilever in India: Beyond Project Millennium cart
4011. Tata Tetley: Managing the Tetley Acquisition  cart
4012. Infosys Technologies: Expensing Stock Options cart
4013. Telecom Italia Mobile: Making Profits in a Mature Market cart
4014. European Football Clubs’ New Business Model: The Prospects and Perils cart
4015. Bikram Yoga: Doing Yoga the McDonald’s Way? cart
4016. The iPod – Apple’s Trojan Horse? cart
4017. Segway HT: Troubles and Challenges of the Revolutionary Human Transporter cart
4018. The Low-Carb Trend – Death Knell for American Pasta Companies? cart
4019. Tata Tele Services Ltd: Setting Up A New Connection cart
4020. TiVo: Pioneering the Interactive Television cart
4021. From KaZaA to Skype cart
4022. Books to Outsourcing Services cart
4023. Innovations in the Biotech and Pharma Industries in India cart
4024. Travel and Tourism in India - Focus on Innovation and Customer cart
4025. India - A Global Manufacturing HUB cart
4026. Software and IT Services in India cart
4027. E-Governance in India cart
4028. Innovations in Education and Training Sector in India cart
4029. Innovations in the Banking Industry in India cart
4030. Innovations in the Music and Entertainment Industry in India cart
4031. Innovations in Home Building and Home Decor Industries in India cart
4032. Innovations in the Healthcare Services Industry in India cart
4033. The Napster Sour Note in Bertelsmann’s Symphony cart
4034. Cirque du Soleil: The Making of an Entertainment Brand cart
4035. Utility Computing: IBM On-Demand cart
4036. Promoting Prius In U.S cart
4037. KFC in India: Ethical Issues cart
4038. Governance Problems in Citigroup Japan cart
4039. Halliburton 'Overbilling' Controversy cart
4040. Greenpeace: Working for a Green and Peaceful Future cart
4041. Snow Brand's Unethical Practices at Japan cart
4042. Trouble in the 'Magic Kingdom': Governance Problems at Disney cart
4043. Boeing's Unethical Practices cart
4044. Procter & Gamble vs Unilever: A Case of Corporate Espionage cart
4045. Governance Issues at the New York Stock Exchange cart
4046. Sustainable Development at Alcoa cart
4047. Canon's 'Kyosei' Philosophy and Social Responsibility Initiatives cart
4048. Global Branding Strategies of LG Electronics cart
4049. Hyundai’s Global Branding Strategies cart
4050. Harley-Davidson Making the Cult Brand and After cart
4051. Puma: Reclaiming its Pride cart
4052. Real Madrid: From A Football Club To A Media Brand cart
4053. GAP and Banana Republic – Changing Brand Strategies with Fashion cart
4054. Master of Wine: Creating a Unique Brand cart
4055. ITC’s Branding Strategies cart
4056. Internal Branding: The i-flex way cart
4057. Corporate Co-Branding: Case of Yum! Brands, Inc. cart
4058. Brand Extensions – The Marico Way cart
4059. James Bond – A Meta Brand? cart
4060. Electrolux in India: Branding Blues cart
4061. Managing Brand Reputation: The case of Coke, Pepsi and Cadbury in India cart
4062. Louis Vuitton: The Making of a Star Brand cart
4063. AmorePacific: Creating Global Brands cart
4064. Destination Dubai: Building a Brand cart
4065. The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Opportunities and Challenges cart
4066. Turning Loss-making Steel Plantsinto Cash Cows cart
4067. EMC’ restructuring cart
4068. Turnaround Efforts at Ford cart
4069. Turnaround Efforts at Sun Microsystems cart
4070. Restructuring Initiatives at Alstom cart
4071. Reinventing Chrysler – Dieter Zetsche’s strategy cart
4072. The Concorde Project - A Technical Engineering Triumph but a Commercial Disaster cart
4073. Scheduling the Project Activities cart
4074. Implementing Risk Management Program cart
4075. Need for Project Management cart
4076. Sam Adams’ Repositioning strategies cart
4077. Mercedes Benz: Quality Concerns cart
4078. Operational Restructuring at Harley Davidson cart
4079. Implementing Tata Business Excellence Model in Tata Steel cart
4080. Wal-Mart's Supply Chain Management Practices cart
4081. McDonald's Food Chain cart
4082. Lessons in Customer Service From Wal-Mart cart
4083. Harry Potter - A Multi Billion Dollar Business cart
4084. Absolut Vodka - Creating Advertising History cart
4085. Scorpio - Marketing an Automobile Brand cart
4086. Marketing Research at P & G cart
4087. Baskin Robbins Innovative Marketing cart
4088. P & G Brand Management System cart
4089. Virgin - Brand Extension and Brand Dilution cart
4090. Beetle : The Birth, Growth, Death and Revival of a Cult Brand cart
4091. Tesco - The Customer Relationship Management Champion cart
4092. FedEx vs. UPS in China - Competing with Contrasting Strategies cart
4093. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - America's Hottest Brand cart
4094. Walt Disney - The Evolution of a Brand cart
4095. Customer Service at Singapore Airlines cart
4096. TetraPak's Packaging Innovations cart
4097. Madura Garments - Marketing Branded Men's Wear n India cart
4098. BBC World in India cart
4099. Lóreal - Building a Global Cosmetic Brand cart
4100. Legend' - Redefining the Rules of Marketing PCs in China cart


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