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1901. Unilever's “Real Beauty” Campaign for Dove cart
1902. Race-Specific Drug 'BiDil': Nitromed's Marketing Challenge cart
1903. Volkswagen's Iroc Concept: Reviving the Scirocco to Target A Niche Market cart
1904. Dell's Customer Contact Center Operations in India cart
1905. Vertu Mobile Phones: Luxury Redefined cart
1906. Nike's “Joga Bonito” Marketing Campaign cart
1907. Naming a Pharmaceutical Brand: A Product Manager's Dilemma cart
1908. Snapple's Marketing - An Unconventional Brand's Claim to Fame cart
1909. Lifebuoy “Swasthya Chetna”: Unilever's Social Marketing Campaign cart
1910. Hidesign: Marketing Leather Products cart
1911. Haagen-Dazs: Repositioning a Cult Brand cart
1912. The Maggi Brand in India: Brand Extension and Repositioning cart
1913. Hello Kitty': A Japanese Superbrand cart
1914. Lakme Fashion Week and Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week: Fission in Indian Fashion cart
1915. Red Bull's Innovative Marketing-Transforming a Humdrum Product into a Happening Brand cart
1916. Lipitor: How far should Pfizer push the Pill? cart
1917. Tata Motors: Serving an 'Ace' for Success cart
1918. Browser Wars II: The Release of IE 7 (BETA 2) cart
1919. BMW's “Company of Ideas” Campaign - Targeting the “Creative Class” cart
1920. P&G's Vocalpoint - Using Moms for W.O.M cart
1921. ITC Food's Growth and Future Prospects cart
1922. Marketing 'The Da Vinci Code' cart
1923. Rebuilding the 'Martha Stewart' Brand cart
1924. Lacoste's Marketing Strategies in the US cart
1925. Kingfisher Airlines - The 'Funliner Experience' cart
1926. Marketing Viagra in India cart
1927. Crisis Management At Bausch & Lomb - The 'ReNu Moistureloc' Controversy cart
1928. Grove Fresh Ltd - Marketing Organic Juices cart
1929. PVR Ltd.'s Growth and Future Prospects cart
1930. Real Madrid: The Galacticos Era cart
1931. Segway - Still Off-balance? cart
1932. Radio Mirchi - Spicing up the Indian Air Waves cart
1933. The New 'Indian' Airlines cart
1934. The 'Incredible India' Campaign - Marketing India to the World cart
1935. Pricing Fuzeon - Cost of Innovation? cart
1936. Google and the 'Click Fraud' Menace cart
1937. IKEA's Global Marketing Strategy cart
1938. Toyota Prius - A Case in New Product Development cart
1939. The Marlboro Story cart
1940. Multi-Branding Strategy of Videocon Industries in the consumer Durables Sector cart
1941. LG's Growth Strategies in India cart
1942. Organized Retail Industry in India cart
1943. - The World's Leading Online Personals Site cart
1944. Diageo’s Global Strategy: Differentiated Marketing cart
1945. Anheuser-Busch Goes Niche: Concentrates on China cart
1946. Coca-Cola’s Re-entry into the US RTD Tea and Coffee Market cart
1947. Smirnoff’s Reunion With Bond cart
1948. Barbie: Less Attractive to Kids? cart
1949. Ugly Betty, an uncommon serial in the US television industry: Can it improve ABC’s fortune? cart
1950. FIFA Worldcup 2006: A Kickoff for Advertisers cart
1951. Fenway Park, the Baseball Stadium's Decision to Stay on- A Wise Move? cart
1952. Ad Wars-Yahoo! versus Google cart
1953. Wikipedia: Can it Survive its Own Success? cart
1954. The US Beer Industry: Adding Cheer to Beer cart
1955. Reinventing Avon cart
1956. MTV – Staying Cool in the New World cart
1957. Is Apple managing its 4 P’s effectively? cart
1958. Taguchi Method: Measuring Advertising Effectiveness cart
1959. Word of Mouth in P&G: Ethically Right? cart
1960. Coca-Cola : Bye-Bye to Santa Claus? cart
1961. IKEA: The Furniture Giant Reawakens in Funabashi cart
1962. Heelys’ ‘Wheely’ Success: Marketing a Trend cart
1963. Lacoste in the US: The Alligator Returns cart
1964. Corporates join the Sudoku bandwagon cart
1965. Swipe War in India- Race to Win Wallets cart
1966. Mukta Arts Ltd-Pioneer in Product Placements in Films cart
1967. Films: An Advertising Medium to Captivate Consumers cart
1968. Apollo Hospitals: Leading the Way to Healthcare Tourism cart
1969. Toyota’s Tundra in US - The Marketing Strategies cart
1970. Pope and Product Placements: Marketers' 'Holy' Connections cart
1971. StarWoods Hotels and Resorts Worldwide: Cross-Marketing Strategies cart
1972. Children's Television Channels: The Marketing Challenges cart
1973. The Making of 'The Da Vinci Code': The Recipe for Blockbuster? cart
1974. Indian Hair Color Industry: L’Oréal’s Foray cart
1975. Dell`s Entry into Gaming PC: The Decision Dilemma cart
1976. IKEA: Re-entering The Land of Rising Sun cart
1977. United Parcel Service: Expanding in China cart
1978. Smart Fortwo’s Entry into the US.: Smart Move? cart
1979. Cairn Energy – What Would Cairn’s Strategy in India be ? cart
1980. Starbucks Coffee Company: The Indian Dilemma cart
1981. Harley Davidson's Foray in China cart
1982. Dr Reddy's Labaratories - The Ledaing Indian Pharmaceutical Company in Europe cart
1983. China - Disney's New Destination cart
1984. Viacom in China cart
1985. Achieving Success in China: Starbucks’ Strategies and Challenges cart
1986. Geely: The Chinese Car’s American Venture cart
1987. Chinese flavoured KFC cart
1988. Geely : The Tyro in the US Market cart
1989. Amazon foray into e-grocery market: successful Venture? cart
1990. Intel's foray into Rural India cart
1991. Wal-Mart in India cart
1992. Will China Emerge as the Second Home for Danfoss? cart
1993. China's Luxury Retailing Industry: Saks Inc.'s Market Entry Strategies cart
1994. Walt Disney Company in China cart
1995. Starbucks in Ireland cart
1996. Costa Coffee in India cart
1997. Cisco in India: India as a Resource to India as a Market cart
1998. Toyota in France cart
1999. Honda: As Acura in USA and as Legend in Japan? cart
2000. National Income Accounting: A Case Study of China cart


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