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1301. Enhancing the Credibility of the Training Function: Involving Line Managers in Sales Training cart
1302. Microsoft: Reshaping HR Strategies cart
1303. Innovative HR Practices at Southwest: Can they be Sustained? cart
1304. Tata Tea and the Employee Buy Out Model cart
1305. Schultz’s Return to Starbucks: To Fend off Rivals? cart
1306. Formation of Global Trade Unions: Prospects and Challenges cart
1307. Costco’s Employee Loyalty Strategies cart
1308. IBM’s ‘On –Demand’ Strategy: The Strategic Rationale cart
1309. Rediff, Indian Communication Giant's Strategies: Beat Rivals at Home? cart
1310. Lufthansa Spreading its Wings in the US through JetBlue cart
1311. Russian Standard’s Global Growth Strategies cart
1312. Kingfisher Airlines International Route Expansion Plans: Will it Succeed? cart
1313. Growth Strategies of Britannia: India’s Emerging Food Conglomerate cart
1314. Growth Strategies for Emerging Markets: Nokia in India cart
1315. Fortis Healthcare Limited: Corporate Hospital’s Growth Strategies in India cart
1316. Bionade Soda (B): Organic Growth Conundrum cart
1317. Electrolux’s Growth Dilemma Middle Market Strategy cart
1318. Vodafone (B): Sarin Finds His Desi Routes? cart
1319. McDonald’s in Russia cart
1320. Nokia (B): Business Interests vs German Pressures cart
1321. Vodafone (C): Sarin ‘Follows’ Pug cart
1322. China Europe International Business School (CEIBS): Going Global cart
1323. Vodafone (A): Sarin Gets Stumped! cart
1324. The global and local strategies of the international food chains in India cart
1325. Emergence of China in the Global E-Commerce Market (A): Dragon Drags on Adaptation cart
1326. Fidel Castro’s Cuba: Waiting for an Economic Miracle? cart
1327. Sri Lanka Tourism Trials and Tribulations cart
1328. Tata Steel's Acquisition of Corus cart
1329. Pet Economy in US: Will it Sustain for Long? cart
1330. Economics and US Presidential Elections cart
1331. NASDAQ and the Consolidation of Stock Exchanges: The Payoffs cart
1332. Vijay Mallya, the Indian Business Baron: A ‘Bon Vivant’ Entrepreneur? cart
1333. Immigration and the US Economy cart
1334. The Soviet Economy cart
1335. The Russian Economy in the Post-Soviet Era cart
1336. The Nordic Economic Model cart
1337. The Indian Rupee-US Dollar Exchange Rate: The Economic Impact of a Strengthening Currency cart
1338. How Goldman Sachs Survived the US Mortgage Crisis cart
1339. US Financial Crisis: Morgan Stanley as a Universal Bank cart
1340. US Financial Crisis: Is Credit Card debacle in the Making? cart
1341. US Financial Crisis: Goldman Sachs in the New Terrain cart
1342. US Financial Crisis: The fall of Merrill Lynch cart
1343. US Financial Crisis: US Banking Sector at Crossroads? cart
1344. US Financial Crisis: No Limits on Executive Compensation? cart
1345. US Financial Crisis: The Effects on UK Banks cart
1346. US Financial Crisis: The fall of Lehman Brothers cart
1347. US Financial Crisis: The Bail-out of AIG cart
1348. US Financial Crisis: The Role of Sub-Prime Mortgages cart
1349. US Financial crisis and Bailout: Whose Burden is that any way cart
1350. US Financial Crisis : Crony Capitalism? Privatising Profits and Socialising Losses? cart
1351. US Financial Crisis: Would the Bailout work cart
1352. US Financial Crisis: The Chinese Connection cart
1353. US Financial Crisis: The Story of Smart Bankers and Laid Back Regulators cart
1354. US Financial Crisis: Where are the Economists? cart
1355. US Financial Crisis: Iceland's Unintended Consequences cart
1356. US Financial Crisis: How far can the Rating Agencies be Blamed? cart
1357. US Financial Crisis: The Effects on Global Banking cart
1358. US Financial Crisis: Takeover of Wachovia By Wells Fargo cart
1359. UCB. Expanding Through Unrelated Diversification cart
1360. Global Warming and Climate Change (C): Ethical Retailing cart
1361. Global Warming and Climate Change (B): The Corporate Response cart
1362. Global warming and Climate Change (A): Making a Business Case cart
1363. Satyam Computer’s ‘Gram IT’ – An Indian IT Giant’s CSR Model cart
1364. Fairtrade: Social Responsibility Lessons for the Corporate cart
1365. UNICEF: Concerns over its Role as a Child Rights Protector cart
1366. Corporate Social Responsibility – Are the Corporates Alone Responsible? cart
1367. Coca-Cola’s Corporate Social Responsibility in India cart
1368. Obesity Concerns: McDonald’s Initiatives cart
1369. GAP's Turnaround Strategies: Winning Back its Customers? cart
1370. Pepsi’s Strategy to address Changing Consumer behaviour: Would it Succeed? cart
1371. Revitalisation of eBay under John Donahoe – Will it Work? cart
1372. Will the Red Envelopes at Netflix get Obsolete? cart
1373. Trouble at Starbucks: Will the Visionary Founder Howard Schultz be Able to Transform the Company? cart
1374. European Railways Revamping Model to Combat Low Cost Airlines: Will it Succeed? cart
1375. India's Subhiksha – Aping Wal-Mart’s EDLP Strategy? cart
1376. Hershey vs Mars: The Candy Store War cart
1377. Airbus 350 vs Boeing 787 – Battle for the Skies cart
1378. The Coffee War: McDonald’s vs Starbucks cart
1379. Google vs (C) The Battle for China’s Internet Search Market cart
1380. Google vs (B): Google’s Country Experiences cart
1381. Jack in the Box Combating the Breakfast War in US cart
1382. Mahindra Tractors in the United States cart
1383. Entry & Expansion Strategy: Tesco in Japan cart
1384. Aldi: The European Hard Discounter's Strategy in Australia cart
1385. Realities of Emerging Markets: Some Lessons from Unilever's Strategy for Lifebuoy & Sunsilk in India cart
1386. MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge cart
1387. Baidu: China's Leading Search Engine cart
1388. Base of the Pyramid Protocol & How the Solae Company Tested it in India cart
1389. Tesco in the United States cart
1390. Lidl: The Hard Discounter cart
1391. IKEA: The Japanese Misadventure and Successful Re-entry cart
1392. Alibaba: Competing in China & Beyond cart
1393. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD: The End Game cart
1394. Vodafone Exits Japan cart
1395. The Carrefour and Tesco Swap Deal cart
1396. Ratan Tata: Leading the Tata Group into the 21st Century cart
1397. Moser Baer: Growth through Diversification cart
1398. eBay in Japan cart
1399. Carrefour in Taiwan cart
1400. Dell Inc: Moving Beyond Direct Sales Model cart


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