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801. NSPL: Importance of Facility Location in Business Success cart
802. Change in Product Layout Leads to Profitability: A Case Study for DSPL cart
803. Utilisation of Transportation Method in Sandino Furniture cart
804. Harish Automobile Repair Shop: A Case of Queuing Theory cart
805. Fun World: The Management’s Decision Dilemma cart
806. Gourmet’s Fantasy: Implementing Customer-Oriented Approach cart
807. Maruti Metal Works: Evaluation of Project using PERT cart
808. Ishikawa Motors Limited: Implimentation of Just-In-Time and Lean Practices cart
809. Abide Manufacturers Limited: Implementation of ISO 9000 cart
810. Victor in India: Six-Sigma Implementation cart
811. Halo, a DVD Manufacturer: Sketching its Aggregate Sales and Operations Plan cart
812. The House of Garb: Implementing Supply Chain Strategy cart
813. Playhouse Toys Centre: Implementing Process Layout cart
814. Aroma Electronics: Step towards Networking Techniques’ cart
815. Material Requirements at King Furniture cart
816. Inventory Management through ABC Analysis – A Case Study for Super Sounds Inc. cart
817. Excel Printers: A Startup Company’s Capacity Planning cart
818. Communicating In Crisis Times: Lessons from Barack Obama cart
819. Emotional Intelligence Deficit: Any Hopes? cart
820. Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance in ‘The Best Companies to Work for’ in India cart
821. Designing an Organisational Culture: Tony Hsieh Wrapping Zappos’ Organisational Culture? cart
822. Rational vs Intuitive Decision Making: Dilemma at Nemesis cart
823. Culture Change Management Programme (CCMP) at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, Government of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA cart
824. Xerox’s Turnaround: Anne Mulcahy’s “Organizational Change” cart
825. Behaviour Modification and Learning Systems at Chocó-Delight cart
826. Wipro’s Azim Premji: Level 5 Leadership Style? cart
827. New Recruits’ Perfunctory Perceptions: The Manager’s Apathy cart
828. David Smith: The National Manager’s International Problems cart
829. Ricardo Semler’s Employee Empowerment Strategies at Semco cart
830. Leadership Conundrum: Nike After Knight cart
831. Unfolding New Motivation Lessons? cart
832. Nucor Corp’s Performance driven Organisational Culture: Employee driven competitive advantage? cart
833. Exxon Mobil's New CEO, Rex Tillerson's Agenda - Diplomacy: Can he Manage? cart
834. The Buck (does not) Stop Here! cart
835. Indiscipline in the Hostel cart
836. Hewlett Packard-Losing the HP Way cart
837. Karoshi cart
838. Miramax: A Victim of Interpersonal Conflict? cart
839. That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles… cart
840. Organisational Communication Blunders cart
841. Team Building at MindTree Consulting cart
842. Personality: Who is Responsible? cart
843. Reinventing HP with Mark Hurd cart
844. Differing Perceptions at Hi-Style Limited cart
845. Global Data Research Centre: The Knowledge (Mis)Manager cart
846. Peter F. Drucker: Business Management and Beyond cart
847. Rural Marketing in India: Retailing through Microfinance Institutions cart
848. Wal-Mart’s Foray into Japan: Heading Towards Success or Hara-kiri? cart
849. P&G’s Logistics Revolution: Co-creating Value cart
850. Dell’s Direct Model: In Need of Change? cart
851. Brand Bond: The World Is Not Enough cart
852. Lifebuoy in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies cart
853. P&G’s ‘Design Thinking’ Initiative: The Innovation Lessons cart
854. IKEA in Japan: The Market Re-entry Strategies cart
855. Dell in India Targeting SMB Markets: The Differentiation Strategies cart
856. DELL’s Dilemma: Corporates or Consumers? cart
857. Indian Hotel Industry (A): The Competitive Dynamics cart
858. Semiconductor Industry: Samsung’s ‘BHAG’ cart
859. Indian Auto Component Industry cart
860. Americanism, Brand America and American Brands cart
861. Corporate Communication,The Toyota Way cart
862. P&G: From Mass to Micromarketing cart
863. Organised Retailing in India – Opportunities & Challenges cart
864. Apple’s iPod: Product Development and Extension Strategies cart
865. Hyundai’s “Santro” in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies cart
866. Toyota’s ‘Scion’(Guerrilla) Brand in US: The Market Positioning Strategies cart
867. Sony Ericsson’s Alliance: The Synergies cart
868. Nano, Tata’s ‘People’s Car’: Who is Marketing? cart
869. Coca-Cola – Contentious Overseas Business Practices cart
870. Titan Industries – Getting the Marketing Mix Right cart
871. Nestlé’s Marketing: The Next Driver of Value Growth? cart
872. Turkey: Emerging as a Value-based Destination Amidst Economic Slowdown cart
873. Burger King's 'Subservient Chicken' Marketing Campaign cart
874. Kraft Foods’ Mobile Marketing Strategy cart
875. Idea Cellular`s Advertising and Promotion Strategies cart
876. Maruti Suzuki`s Advertising Strategies cart
877. Marketing Pristiq: The Advertising Challenge cart
878. Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" Campaign cart
879. Intel Corporation's 'Sponsors of Tomorrow' Global Branding Campaign cart
880. Kleenex 'Let It Out' Campaign: Increasing Consumer Involvement with a Low-involvement Product cart
881. Tata Sky's Marketing Strategies cart
882. Warner Brothers' Viral Marketing Strategy - The 'Dark Knight' Campaign cart
883. Woot.Com - Selling to Geeks cart
884. Hershey: Going through a Sweet Recession cart
885. Trader Joe's: A Unique Customer Experience cart
886. Vodafone Essar's Advertising Strategy - The 'Zoozoos' Campaign cart
887. Hero Honda's Rural Marketing Initiatives in India cart
888. American Airlines' Rainbow TeAAm and its Strategy to Target the LGBT Segment cart
889. IBM Corporation: Targeting the LGBT Segment cart
890. Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s Sales Force Strategy cart
891. McDonald's Advertising Strategy - The 'Lost Ring' Campaign cart
892. L'Oréal in China cart
893. Marketing Ghajini: Bollywood's Biggest Blockbuster cart
894. Catch-22 for Kellogg's? cart
895. Barack Obama's Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy cart
896. Marriott International Inc.'s 'Sales Force One': New Sales Force Strategy for Competitive Advantage cart
897. Complan Vs Horlicks: Comparative Advertising and the Question of Ethics cart
898. Rolls-Royce: A Manufacturer at Your Service cart
899. Zappos.Com: Focus on Customer Service cart
900. iRobot's Roomba: Bringing Robots into Homes cart


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