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4101. All Out' - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant cart
4102. The Indian Petroleum Industry: Towards Branded Fuels cart
4103. Luxor Writing Instruments Private Limited - Marketing Pens in India cart
4104. Barbie's Success Story cart
4105. Social Marketing - Lessons from CRY in India cart
4106. Samsung - The Making of a Global Brand cart
4107. LG's Marketing Strategy In India cart
4108. Asian Paints - Adding Colours cart
4109. Discovery Channel - Discovering India cart
4110. Ujala - The Supreme Whitener cart
4111. Coffee Parlors in India - Hotting Up cart
4112. Reebok's Changing Gameplan cart
4113. Haldiram's - Marketing Sweets and 'Namkeens' cart
4114. Kerala Tourism - Branding a Tourist Destination cart
4115. Sports Sponsorship - 'The Cricket Ambush Marketing' Dispute cart
4116. Raymond - The Complete Mans Brand cart
4117. The Indian Kitchen Salt Market - Brand Wars cart
4118. SMS Advertising cart
4119. Allen Solly - Entering the Indian Women's Western Wear Market cart
4120. Reader's Digest - The Story of a Magazine cart
4121. Airtel Magic - Selling a Prepaid Cellphone Service cart
4122. Nestlé 's Brand Management Strategies cart
4123. Airtel - Positioning (And Repositioning) cart
4124. Satyam iWay - Changing Indian Internet Browsing. cart
4125. The Launch of New Coke cart
4126. MusicWorld - Redefining Indian Music Marketing cart
4127. Gillette - Managing Product Innovation cart
4128. Harley Davidson - Evolution of Marketing Strategy cart
4129. Disney Channel’s Competitive Strategies cart
4130. McDonald’s In China cart
4131. GSM Vs CDMA - A Comparative Study cart
4132. A Note on Investment Strategies Involving Options cart
4133. Advertising in China – Threats and Opportunities cart
4134. Drug Price Distortions – US and Canada cart
4135. U.S Dollar vs The Yuan cart
4136. U.S Dollar vs The Yen cart
4137. Euro vs The U.S Dollar cart
4138. Pfizer: Mergers and Acquisitions cart
4139. Carly Fiorina - The Change Leader cart
4140. Henry Ford - A Great Innovator cart
4141. Meg Whitman - The Driving Force Behind eBay cart
4142. Frederick W. Smith - The Entrepreneur who Created an Industry cart
4143. Sam Walton - Entrepreneur of the Century cart
4144. Richard Branson - Herb Kelleher - Leader Extraordinaire cart
4145. Carlos Ghosn - The Turnaround Specialist cart
4146. Larry Ellison - The Source of Oracle's Wisdom cart
4147. Steve Jobs - The Silicon Valley Pioneer cart
4148. Steve Case - The Story of AOL's Architect cart
4149. John Chambers - Cisco's Driving Force cart
4150. The Rise and Fall of Vivendi Universal 's Jean Marie Messier cart
4151. Leadership the Bill Gates Way cart
4152. Women and Entrepreneurship cart
4153. Shahnaz Hussain - A Successful Indian Woman Entrepreneur cart
4154. Dhirubhai Ambani and Reliance cart
4155. Ekta Kapoor - The Queen of Indian Soaps cart
4156. The Saga of Lee Iacocca - From Ford To Chrysler cart
4157. Lijjat Papad - Woman & Entrepreneurship cart
4158. Louis V Gerstner - The Man Who Turned IBM Around cart
4159. Oprah Winfrey - The Story of an Entrepreneur cart
4160. Akio Morita - The Man Who Made Sony cart
4161. Microsoft's Tablet PC - Reinventing Mobile Computing cart
4162. CARD - An E - Government initiative in Andhra Pradesh (India) cart
4163. The e - Seva Project - Providing G2C Services in Andhra Pradesh (India) cart
4164. Knowledge Management Initiatives at British Petroleum cart
4165. - A Rare Profitable Dotcom cart
4166. Fabmart's e - Tailing Model cart
4167. ITC's e-Choupal: Taking E-Business to Farmers cart
4168. Gyandoot - An E-Government Initiative in India cart
4169. The eCitizen Portal - Integrating Government Services Online in Singapore cart
4170. Executing E-Business Strategies - The GE Way cart
4171. - The World's Number One Internet Search Engine cart
4172. Caribbean Sugar: Implications of European Connection cart
4173. AIG's E-Business Risk Insurance Solutions cart
4174. Viability of Providing Insurance Cover For Intangible Assets in India cart
4175. Customer Service and Organization Structure in the Insurance Industry cart
4176. Insurance Industry - Repercussions of Unplanned Mergers and Acquisitions cart
4177. The Need for Changing Organization Design and Structure cart
4178. The Need for Business Intelligence in Insurance Organizations cart
4179. The Importance of HR Planning in an Insurance Organization cart
4180. Role of Information Technology in Organization Design and Structure cart
4181. Outsourcing of Underwriting Activities in Insurance - Advantages and Disadvantages cart
4182. Information System Planning in Insurance Organizations cart
4183. Global Expansion of the Insurance Business - is it Lucrative cart
4184. Continuous Online Auditing - Benefits to Insurance Organizations cart
4185. Call Centers and Customer Relationship Management in Insurance Organizations cart
4186. Bancassurance - A Business Option cart
4187. Balanced Scorecard - A Performance Support System cart
4188. US Insurers Looking Towards Indian Insurance Market cart
4189. The Art of Selling Insurance Products cart
4190. Technology a Means for Improving Customer Service cart
4191. Serving Rural Markets a Necessity For Indian Insurers cart
4192. Sales Personnel and their Training - The Tool to Get Competitive Advantage cart
4193. Rebating in Insurance - Boon or Bane cart
4194. Need for Training Sales Personnel in Insurance Organizations cart
4195. Marketing Information Systems in Insurance Companies cart
4196. Is Honeymoon Over for Insurers in India cart
4197. Innovative Products The Key to Success in the Indian Insurance Market cart
4198. HR Challenges in the Insurance Industry cart
4199. High Claims and Controlled Tariff Structure in Motor Insurance in India cart
4200. Employee Involvement Total Quality Management in Insurance Companies cart


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